Boom Beach Cheats: All Defensive Buildings

Defensive buildings in Boom Beach are used to defend your base against enemy attacks. They are found under the “Defense” tab in the game. Below are each of the different types of Defensive buildings found in Boom Beach. 

Click on any of the defensive buildings to learn more about each one and see specific stats.

Boom Cannon

Boom Beach Boom CannonThe Boom Cannon fires devastating shots, but takes a while to reload. Deals double damage to tanks.


Boom Beach CannonThis cannon is a basic single-shot defensive unit.


Flame Thrower

A close range weapon that deals massive amounts of damage. It’s especially deadly against massed infintry. Enemies hit with the flamethrower will burn for a little while after being attacked.

Machine Gun

Sprays bullets at the enemy, rapidly dealing damage to massed infantry at a close to medium range.


Mines trigger and explode when enemies come close.


Mortar shells explode and deal area of effect damage to all nearby troops. Mortars are most effective at medium to long range; it can’t target enemies right next to it.

Rocket Launcher

The Rocket Launcher fires a salvo of rockets at a long distance. However, it has a significant reload time.

Sniper Tower

The sniper tower shoots at all enemy attackers. They have “good” range and do “decent” damage.


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