Boom Beach: 69 Useful hints and tips for beginners

Boom Beach is a new combat strategy game from SuperCell (developer of Clash of Clans) in which you attack various island bases, including those run by other players. Although gameplay is similar to that of Clash of Clansthere are still quite a few differences between the two. So to help you get started SuperCell has posted 69 userful hints and tips for beginners. Check them out below:

  1. You need gold to train troops, to explore the archipelago and for Armory upgrades.
  2. Wood, Stone and Iron are valuable building materials. Conquer resource bases and destroy enemies to get more!
  3. Resource bases produce building materials which are transported by cargo ships to your home island.
  4. Explore the archipelago to discover more islands, resource bases and enemies to destroy! You can unlock more regions for exploration by upgrading your Radar.
  5. Residences on your island produce gold. Freed villages also send you gold as thanks!
  6. Earn Victory Points by destroying enemies and taking over resource bases!
  7. You will earn Diamonds when your defenses in your home base destroy enough enemy units!
  8. Each statue is a work of art, and its powers are impossible to predict in advance.
  9. Mystical crystals stolen by the Blackguard are kept in their base buildings. Destroy enemy buildings to find them!
  10. Every time a resource base is conquered, its defenses get automatically upgraded.
  11. You can’t upgrade the buildings in a resource base.
  12. Support your troops to minimize casualties!
  13. If a fight looks unwinnable, retreat to save your remaining troops!
  14. Destroy the enemy Headquarters to win a battle!
  15. Destroying enemy base buildings damages the enemy Headquarters, making it easier to finish off.
  16. Each landing craft can only hold one troop type at a time.
  17. When you change to a different troop type in a landing craft, the cost of the current troops will be refunded.
  18. The Vault keeps some of your resources safe, even if an enemy manages to destroy your Headquarters.
  19. Upgrade the Vault to keep more of your resources untouchable by enemies!
  20. To find new bases to attack, you can either explore more of the map or wait for enemy invasions.
  21. The more free villages you have on your map, the more often you’ll get enemy invasions on them.
  22. You can freely move defensive and production buildings on resource bases.
  23. Destroying a Boss enemy’s base will give you lots of resources and Mystical Crystals!
  24. Riflemen are a cost-effective all-around unit.
  25. Use Riflemen to overwhelm Cannons, whose slow rate of fire can’t keep up with the swarming Rifles.
  26. The Heavy can soak up lots of damage. Make sure he’s closest to turrets so that they target him.
  27. Zookas can deal out massive damage, but they’re very vulnerable to enemy fire.
  28. Don’t send Zookas into battle alone! Make sure they’re safely behind Heavies.
  29. The Warriors’ speed allows them to run through light defenses and destroy key targets behind them.
  30. The Tank is powerful and versatile, but vulnerable to Cannon fire. Try using Heavies or Riflemen to support it.
  31. The Sniper in the Sniper Tower is accurate and deadly, but his slow rate of fire means the tower can be swarmed.
  32. The Machine Gun sprays bullets everywhere, making it good against large numbers but somewhat unpredictable.
  33. Place Mortars behind your other defenses and buildings.
  34. A crowd of enemies shooting at one of your buildings is a perfect target for the Mortar!
  35. Flamethrowers are perfect for stopping massed enemy infantry charges.
  36. Flamethrowers set enemies on fire. They burn for 5 seconds, causing additional damage.
  37. Cannons deal massive damage, especially to Tanks.
  38. Cannons’ low firing speed means that they’re ineffective against groups of infantry.
  39. The Rocket Launcher has an extremely long range. Make sure it gets to fire as many salvos as possible!
  40. The Boom Cannon is deadly against Tanks. Protect it from enemy infantry with MGs and Flamethrowers!
  41. Upgrade your Residences to increase Gold production!
  42. Upgrade your Sawmill to increase Wood production!
  43. Upgrade your Quarry to increase Stone production!
  44. Upgrade your Iron Mine to increase Iron production!
  45. Check out Enemy Activity in the Map screen to find and watch Replays of enemy attacks!
  46. Complete Achievements to get Diamond rewards!
  47. Use Gunboat Artillery to damage or destroy enemy buildings.
  48. If enemy buildings are clumped tightly together, one Artillery hit in the middle can damage or destroy multiple structures!
  49. The Flare can be used to direct your troops on the battlefield.
  50. All troops will move towards the Flare while it burns, or attack a building marked by it!
  51. Heal your troops on the battlefield with the Medkit.
  52. Your troops inside the Medkit’s area of effect will recover health.
  53. The Shock Bomb freezes anything it hits for a short time. Use it to disable key defensive buildings.
  54. If the Shock Bomb hits your own troops, they will be stunned as well!
  55. The Gunboat Barrage fires a number of shells at a target area in a quick succession, causing major damage.
  56. Be careful when firing Gunboat Artillery or Barrage, as the exploding shells can hurt your own troops!
  57. Upgrade your Troops, Mines and Gunboat weapons in the Armory.
  58. Defensive turrets are disabled while you’re upgrading them.
  59. The Residences, Sawmill, Quarry and Iron Mine don’t produce resources while you’re upgrading them.
  60. The Armory can’t start new troop or weapon upgrades while it’s under construction.
  61. Resource storages, the vault, gunboat and your HQ function normally while being upgraded.
  62. You can still launch a Landing Craft while it’s being upgraded, but you can’t load new troops in it.
  63. You can use your Gunboat normally even while it’s being upgraded.
  64. Don’t forget to use your Gunboat’s weapons and support abilities during combat. They can turn the tide!
  65. A green arrow sign next to a building tells you when you can afford to upgrade it.
  66. There is a small chance that destroying a Blackguard base gives you an extra Victory Point!
  67. You can harvest trees that grow on your resource bases.
  68. Resource boats have a maximum capacity, and can’t collect more resources when full.
  69. The amount of resources you can capture from a player base won’t change while it’s on your map.

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