Battle Tankz rolls into the App Store

Battle TankzIndependent game publisher Iceberg Interactive today announced the upcoming release of its new, free-to-play game Battle Tankz for iPhone and iPod Touch.

Battle Tankz is a turn-based combat strategy game featuring a new ‘Swipe ‘n Shoot’ control system in which players control precisely the direction of their shots by drawing a path for their shells on the screen. The power of the shot is also controlled by the force with which the player draws their attack.

In Battle Tankz, players take control of a group of tanks and in each round must defeat their enemies by executing a limited amount of offensive or defensive moves against the clock. Gamers can select from a range of strategic options include healing, chemical weapons, laying down mines, moving to cover or raining down hell on their enemy through a deadly arsenal of weapons.  Players will be able to lob shells, lay mines, call in A-10 Warthog strafing runs, B2 Stealth Bomber attacks and as a FINAL option…a tactical nuclear strike. The game’s novel control method is further extended to controlling the path of bombing and strafing runs by tilting the device.

The game features a Campaign Mode as well as an online turn-based Multiplayer Mode via Game Center. For those who want to test their skills, there’s also a Survival Mode.

Battle Tankz will be available “soon” in the App Store with optional in-app purchases.


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