Bastion just $1 on iOS for limited time only

BastionSupergiant Games’ critically acclaimed action-role-playing game Bastion is available for just $1 on the iOS store. The sale will run for a limited time only before returning to its normal price of $4.99, the developer said.

Bastion is the first title from Supergiant Games. The game received great praise when it was released for Xbox Live Arcade thanks, in part, to its critically-acclaimed original music score, unique narrative and delivery of a deep story, as well as its stunning hand-painted artwork.

Bastion has since been optimized for the iPhone as well as the iPad, and is now a universal app. The controls have been remapped exclusively for iOS devices.

Supergiant hasn’t said how long the deal will be offered, so I highly suggest heading over to the App Store to snag a copy.


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