Bank Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Bank Escape is a new room escape game from Mobest Media (developers of Hollywood Escape, You Must Escape, and so many others). As of this writing, Bank Escape is currently only available on Android devices, but is coming soon to iOS. Mobest Media doesn’t break tradition with Bank Escape as the goal is still to use the clues, find hidden objects, and solve puzzles to escape the bank, but there’s a bit of a theme with this one.

Ever dreamed of breaking into bank, stealing the Royal Diamond and escaping with leaving no trace? Now you have the chance to put yourself to the test!

If you get stuck, simply follow our walkthrough below.

Bank Escape Level 2 Walkthrough

Step 1: Tap the “Bank Corp” poster on the wall and adjust the pieces to complete it. Take the white water spout and notice the numbers in the back “- – 6 1”

Step 2: Tap the stand in the back and take the blue hand and the empty pitcher. Combine the blue handle with the white water spout.

Step 3: Place the water faucet on the water jug in the back. and fill the pitcher with water.

Step 4: Go back to the stand in the back and put the water pitcher back onto the burner. It will fog the mirror above it.

Step 5: Zoom out and then tap on the mirror to reveal the first two numbers “2 9 – -”

Step 6: Tap the computer, then tap the briefcase and enter the code “2961”. Take the keycard and escape.

Continue to Level 3.


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