Avengers: Age of Ultron event now live in Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest

Marvel Puzzle Quest’s highly anticipated in-game event, designed to celebrate the theatrical release of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, is now live following some technical difficulties earlier. Whatever the problem was appears to be solved and you may now proceed with the game’s first ever Boss Battle event where you and an alliance can wage war against Ultron.

“Battle the villainous android Ultron in an all-new event inspired by Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron!” the in-game text for the event reads. “Unite your Alliance and defeat Ultron to save the Earth and earn incredible rewards including the 3-star character Scarlet Witch!”

Taking to the Marvel blog, D3Publisher Producer Joe Fletcher detailed the new Age of Ultron event:

“This event is not only a new piece as a story—obviously—but also a new set of mechanics altogether. Players will be tasked with working with the rest of their Alliance members to take down Hank Pym’s most dangerous creation. Upon entering the mission, they’ll face off against Ultron and attempt to take him down. Dealing damage to him will take down his overall health, which all Alliance members will be helping to do as well. But, after a battle, he’ll go off and repair for round two—or three, or four. There’ll be a timer that will decrease on its own representing when the player can fight Ultron again. At this point, it’s time for a rush of Sentries to attack, represented by multiple nodes that each use different Avengers as essential characters. Defeating these waves of Sentries will reduce the timer on the Ultron battle and get him back into the fight quicker.

Once Ultron has been defeated through the efforts of the players and their Alliance, the real battle begins against Ultron Prime. Ultron has upgraded his systems and become a much more dangerous foe. These battles will test the mettle of any player, with the very powerful Ultron Prime flanked by more powerful Sentries. However, the prizes for these battles are great, with special Prize Pack tokens that give a chance at large amounts of Iso-8 and Hero Points to power up the team, along with an increased chance at earning the mistress of chaos magic herself, Scarlet Witch.”

There will be two separate runs leading up to the film’s launch, with each event lasting four-and-a-half days. The first has already started and you can battle against Ultron for the chance to earn Scarlet Witch in the first run. Iron Man: Hulkbuster will be up for grabs in the second run.

Check out the features for the event:

Alliance Specific Leaderboards – Rather than competing against a global Leaderboard, Boss Battles are Alliance specific.  This means each Alliance has their own Score Target representing Ultron’s HP to deplete, and players must work together to defeat Ultron before the event ends.

Alliance Score Target Representing Ultron’s Health – Rewards are shifted out of Placement Reward and put towards completing the Score Target, mission completion drop tables, and Progress Rewards.

Giant Central Mission Pin Featuring Ultron – When players win a fight against the Ultron pin, players contribute towards a Score Target, which represents Ultron’s total health.  Unlike past Score Targets, this is Leaderboard specific rather than Global.  The Ultron pin becomes locked, and placed on a cool down.


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