Animal Crossing: New Leaf Unlockables

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  is a simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS where you create your own very happy place. Free of levels or narrative, the game is what you make of it — personalizing your world to fit your style. There’s places to visit, sights to see, activities to partake in, and neighbors to help. Accidentally mistaken as town mayor, it’s up to you to keep this rural village looking clean and orderly.  To help you, we’ve compiled a list of all unlockables within the game for Nintendo 3DS and how to obtain them:

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Happy Home Showcase

The Happy Home Showcase is a Streetpass area that you can access once you pay off your first house loan, which comes to a total of 10,000 bells. Once you talk to Tom Nook after doing so, he’ll walk you through using the ATM and you can meet Isabelle’s younger brother, Digy. You’ll find him near the arch in Main Street.

Additional Buildings

You can unlock additional locations within your village by meeting certain conditions. If you have satisfied the conditions as stated and the new location does not become available, wait a few days. Some places will not appear until you have been living in the village for 7 to 10 days, or there may be an additional time restriction after you meet the other criteria. Most buildings must be obtained through the Public Works.

  • Club LOL – Upgrade Nookling Junction at least once, give Dr. Shrunk permission when he visits, and obtain signatures from six villagers
  • Dream Suite – Visit Isabelle, who should be asleep in the Town Hall
  • Fortune Teller Shop – Have your fortune read 20 times by Katrina, the visiting fortune teller, then talk to her again and the shop will become an option
  • Garden Center – Plant or water 30 plants or flowers/trees, or pull 30 weeds
  • Kicks – Spend over 8000 bells in the Able Sisters’ shop
  • Museum Shop – Donate at least 20 items (with one or more in each category) to the museum, and talk to Blathers daily
  • Shampoodle – Spend at least 10,000 bells in Able Sisters’ or Kicks and then wait at least 10 days after Kicks is built
  • The Island Resort – Upgrade to a house, then talk to Tortimer at the docks and you can visit the island a day later
  • The Roost Cafe – Donate 50 items to the Museum, and unlock the Museum Shop, then talk to Blathers 7 days after the shop’s grand opening

Four Mannequins

There are four mannequins you can unlock. The first three are unlocked by talking to Mable, Sable, and Labelle each day until you become good friends with each of them. You’ll find the fourth mannequin once you purchase your first item from the third floor of the T&T Emporium building.

Gold Tools

You can unlock the various gold tools by completing the corresponding requirements, as indicated below.

  • Shovel – Purchase 50 fertilizer packs from T&T Emporium
  • Fishing Rod – Catch every type of fish and talk to Chip at the next fishing tournament
  • Net – Catch every type of bug, then talk to Nate at the next Bug-Off
  • Watering Can – Receive and maintain a perfect town rating for 15 days in a row, then talk to Isabelle about the town rating at the Town Hall
  • Axe – Purchase 50 tree saplings from the Gardening Shop
  • Slingshot – Shoot down 16 balloons and it will appear in the air, suspended by three gold balloons

QR Machine

Become friends with Sable by talking to her every day and eventually a QR machine will become available for your use inside The Able Sisters building.

Silver Tools

You can acquire the various silver tools by satisfying certain requirements, as indicated below.

  • Shovel – Donate 15 fossils to the Museum, then buy it for 500 bells when it randomly appears on sale on the building’s second floor
  • Fishing Rod – Donate 30 fish or sea creatures to the Museum, then buy it for 500 bells on the building’s second floor
  • Net – Donate 30 bugs to the Museum, then buy it for 500 bells on the building’s second floor
  • Watering Can – Purchase 50 or more flower seeds
  • Axe – Randomly available on the island, in exchange for 8 medals
  • Slingshot – Shoot down 16 presents, then shoot down the slingshot (held aloft by two silver balloons)



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