Animal Crossing: New Leaf Cheats & Codes for Nintendo 3DS

Animal Crossing: New Leaf  is a simulation game for the Nintendo 3DS where you create your own very happy place. Free of levels or narrative, the game is what you make of it — personalizing your world to fit your style. There’s places to visit, sights to see, activities to partake in, and neighbors to help. Accidentally mistaken as town mayor, it’s up to you to keep this rural village looking clean and orderly.  To help you, we’ve compiled a list of cheats, codes, tips, and strategies for Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

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Cheats & Codes for Animal Crossing: New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS:

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Turnip Trading with Friends

If you and a friend adjust your console Time/Date settings and find an arrangement where one of you can buy cheap Turnips and the other can sell them at a tidy profit, you can buy as many Turnips as you can afford (up to 1000, to fill a storage bay) and then travel to your friend’s town to sell them for a huge profit. Repeat the process as often as you like

Save on Rotten Fruit Disposal

Rather than paying pay to dispose of rotten fruit at Re-Tail, an alternate option is to plant the rotten fruit to produce a sapling, which you can then dig up and remove. That technique saves you the cost of disposal.

Find Reggie Fils-Aime in Happy Homes Showcase

When you visit the HH Showcase, you may be able to check out the house that belongs to Reggie Fils-Aime, president and COO of Nintendo of America. His profile indicates that he lives in West 12. His house has a yellow roof and his interior contains familiar Nintendo content.

Easy Bells

The easiest way to get bells in the game is to visit the Island Resort after nightfall. When you leave the hut, you can talk to the gyroid and he’ll let you borrow any tools that you need. Using the net, you can capture beetles that appear on trees there. While you are on the island, you can gather more insects than you would usually be able to carry, then take them back to the mainland and make several trips to the store. The golden stag beetle is worth 12,000 bells at Re-Tail, and other insects fetch a similar price. If you want to improve the rate at which valuable insects spawn, you can chop down some of the trees at the center of the area and dig out their stumps.

How to Wake Cyrus

You can wake up Cyrus. To do so, you need to sell items to Reese totaling 100,000 bells or more. You must also have 100 or more things in your catalog, and 7 or more days need to have passed since you started your game’s file.

The Perfect Fruit

Look around your town for fruit trees of the variety that are native to your town. Next, look for trees that drop fruit of a different color. When that happens, plant that fruit and it will grow into a “perfect” tree. That tree’s fruit can be sold for a larger than normal profit, though eventually the tree may stop producing its special fruit and the value of its yield will significantly decrease. Still, you can enjoy the perfect fruit while it lasts!

Animal Pictures

You can receive pictures of your neighbor animals by either becoming good friends with them (by performing tasks for them and interacting them in a positive way on a regular basis), or by playing the event on April Fool’s Day. During that event, if you pick the fake copy of an animal, you’ll receive a picture of the real one.

Reserve Land

Animals have a tendency to move into places in your town that you might be saving for something neat. If you have something in mind for a plot of land, mark your territory using some custom signs. Then you can just remove them when you’re ready to actually build.

Mushrooms From Stumps

If you cut down a tree and you notice some symbols on the stump, don’t dig it out like you normally might. Leave it where it sets for a few days and mushrooms will start growing from the stump.

More Profits at Re-Tail

Make sure to sell your stuff at Re-Tail when you have the opportunity, rather than at the Nook stores. Re-Tail will offer more bells for items you sell. For example, your fruit can sell for 80 at a Nook store, but sells for 100 at Re-Tail. That’s a 25% price increase in your favor.

Special Ore/Gem Rock

Special rock appears somewhere in your village every day, which produces money when struck with a shovel. However, there’s also another rock that breaks when you hit it and leaves behind a special piece of ore or a gem (like a ruby), which you can then sell for a good price. Hit the rock with a silver shovel and you may be able to acquire as many as nine gems in one day.

More Money From Rocks

Every day you play the game, there’s a rock that contains some hidden bells. You can whack the rock with a shovel to send some bells flying. Repeated hits during a limited time period will allow you to gain additional bells, but normally the number is limited somewhat by the step you automatically tack back after whacking the rock. One way to fix this is to stand against a rock, then dig holes to your left and right, as well as behind you. Now when you hit the rock, it won’t send you flying backward. You can whack it more frequently to produce additional bells before the invisible timer expires, handily increasing your total earnings.


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