25% of The Walking Dead’s sales come from iOS

The Walking DeadTelltale Game’s The Walking Dead has been incredibly successful on iOS devices. The critically acclaimed adventure series, which recently wrapped up its first season, was one of the best games of 2012 — winning many Game of the Year awards from various sites.

Fans have also taken to the game, with more than 8.5 million copies sold. Surprisingly, more than 25% of those sales came from iOS purchases on the iPhone and iPad. That’s a huge amount considering the game was available on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC as well.

“I think we see with iOS products, we see more impact from when the show is on, when there’s stress about the show,” Telltale Games’ chief executive officer Dan Connors told The Wall Street Journal. “When there’s Christmas or mass market events, that drives iOS sales too.”

“The iOS and mobile space is growing faster and reaching new audiences. There’s a huge chunk of existing money sitting in those core spaces,” he added. “For us, we wanted our games to be played by everybody. Our games work on every platform — it increases the amount of people we’re speaking to.”

“The key is just getting a game that can work across all those different demographics, and certainly iOS is a massive opportunity and a huge place for an independent publisher to sell directly to consumers.”

The Walking Dead Season 1 from Telltale was released in five individual episodes over the course of 2012. Each episode was available for $4.99, but Telltale also offered many discounts throughout the year, including a Season Pass.


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