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The Sims FreePlay Cheats: Free Simoleons and LP

The Sims FreePlay is a free-to-play iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Android game from Monkey Iron and EA Mobile that’s based on the popular PC version of The Sims.  Like the PC version, you build and personalize your own town and can control up to 64 Sims by choosing their jobs, pets, cars, and more. However, unlike the PC game, time in The Sims FreePlay is true to real life (1 hour in real life is really one hour in The Sims FreePlay).

While we posted some general tips and tricks a while back, below are specific cheats, codes, and strategies to get free LP and Simoleons in the game. As a reminder, refrain from downloading any third-party software that promises you free LP and Simoleons as it can result in your game messing up or possibly ruining your mobile device. Only stick to in-game strategies and cheats that don’t require third-party software.

(NOTE: Some of the cheats and strategies may be outdated. If they don’t work, let us know in the comments below and we’ll fix them. You may also add your own strategies and tips in the comments as well)

***UPDATE*** We’ve got a new MONEY CHEAT for The Sims FreePlay Carnival Update ***

Free Simoleons through Facebook

  1. Open The Sims Freeplay app and log in to Facebook.
  2. Go to your Sim’s house and click on the buy tab, where you may purchase things for your house.
  3. Click on the social tab. Here you will see a few things you can buy with the amount of neighbors you have. For example, I have 4 neighbors. The duck pond is the highest thing I can buy, yet I get swing sets because they cost more in Simoleons.
  4. Put down as many items as you want, anywhere you’d like.
  5. Return to The Sims Freeplay menu, pressing the green tab with the white dots on at the bottom.
  6. Log out of Facebook and go back to your Sim’s house.
  7. Sell the things you bought, but since you’re not signed into Facebook so you don’t have any neighbors, it comes back as Simoleons!

More Simoleons with the pre-teens tab

  1. Go to the kids store and select the preteens tab
  2. Buy the karate punch bag (it’s free)
  3. Go home and select the store tab
  4. Click on inventory (a backpack) and select the preteens tab and frag it inside the house and sell it (it’s worth 900 Simoleons)
  5. Repeat process as much as you’d like. You can also buy the record player and a swing and a sandbox at the kids store for free

Free Simpoleons on iPad 2 (will bring down town value)

  1. You need to have 2+ neighbors
  2. Buy the free stuff you get from having neighbors
  3. Go to the three white dots somewhere on the bottom of the screen
  4. Log out of your Facebook account
  5. Go back to the free stuff and sell all of it
  6. Log back in and do over and over

3,000 LP

  1. Log into Facebook add 3 new friends
  2. Go onto videos click on a free trial
  3. Click the home button then log out of Facebook, go back in and cancel the deal
  4. Buy a dog then when it digs it digs up 3,000 lp

Start-up Money

  1. Make sure there is only one house. Build a free house takes 5 minutes.
  2. Sell all of its items when its built. Including walls using built mode when it highlights to expend. Tap on it. It will say. ‘Move contants to inventory and delete utem,’ click yes then you will be rewarded with money.
  3. Go to town map and demolish the house.
  4. Repeat this process until you have 7,500 or more.
  5. This time you built Japaness house 7,500. Takes 5 minutes. In that house there is statue and outdoor water fountain. You can sell it for 5,000 each. Thats 10,000 just from those 2 items. Repeat again and again. Sell all and demolish the house. Then you buy mention at 10,000.
  6. Use some of money and renovate your house by using built mode. This will increase the town value. Keep in mind each time you sell things town value drops.
  7. Keep building 7,500 Japaness home. But keep those stature and water fountain at inventory. Sell and demolish the rest if building. This will reduce the lowing town value. But you have those 2 expensive items you can sell later.

Changing the date for free money

  1. Plant beans the highest amount of money
  2. Click out of Sims
  3. Open settings
  4. Turn wifi off
  5. Go to general
  6. Turn set automatically off
  7. Make sure 24 hour is off
  8. Change the date to a month before and a day before

10,000 Simoleons, fast growing, and instantly inspired sims (on iOS devices)

  1. Enter sims freeplay
  2. Have all your sims at one house
  3. Have them garden anything you desire( time limit does NOT matter)
  4. Click home button 1 time and go to your settings
  5. Double click home button and hold down sims freeplay app and delete it from multitasking bar(DOES NOT DELTE GAME)
  6. Enter general in settings and select date and time
  7. Turn off ” set automatically”
  8. Return to your sims game
  10. Wait until it loads and wait ten seconds after it loads
  11. Leave sims and enter settings
  12. Repeat step 5 in settings
  13. Turn on airplane mode
  14. Repeat step 6
  15. Turn the date 1 month ahead
  16. repeat step 1
  17. It will say it can’t connect, hit retry and QUICKLY double click the home button and hit settings
  18. Turn airplane mode off and re-enter sims
  19. (note: May not work the first time, try a few times)

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80 Responses to The Sims FreePlay Cheats: Free Simoleons and LP

  1. Dawn says:

    The 3,000 LP didnt work and the Simolens w/ the preteen tab didn’t work either. The punching bag cost 10 LP

    • Smarties says:

      The 10,000 simoleons didn’t completely work. The crops had instantly harvested but it dropped their Heath bars to rock bottom and I could only do it once

    • Michelle says:

      1. Get all sims in one house, buy a stove for each sim except the owner of the house. Put all sims to baking (best is croissants or Danishes) except for the owner of the house. Do not let the house owner bake but make sure all other sims have fully started baking (money has been minused to start the baking).
      2. Go to town map and go to any other house.
      3. Once at the other house, click on simtracker and call over the owner of the other house by pressing the whistle under the sims head.
      4. Send the sim home. Once you are back at the owners home where everyone is baking, go to the sim tracker again and click on the owner’s head (not the whistle). The house will refresh and be empty. Go to simtracker again and call back all sims (click on whistle beside each one) that were baking. Do not call back owner. Voila!

      Now start the sims baking again, press the owners head in simtracker, call back baking sims and repeated as much as you want.

      • Kirsten says:

        It doesn’t work at all!!!

        • Cindy says:

          Heres a cheat. Make sure all your sims are in one house. Make everyone plant a pumpkin(or anything else). Go to home menu. Delete the application from multitask. Go to settings, turn off WiFi and change the date to one month later (this may affect other games). Turn on your WiFi. Go into Sims Freeplay and you should gain simoleons. The amount of money you get depends on the level you on.

      • LiLlY lOvEz YoU BaBiE says:

        What devices does this work on??? I have Sims Freeplay on my iPod touch and iPad.
        I’m actually kinda scared to try this out tbh …

    • Kalyn says:

      It Does cost 10 LP! I want to have 100,000 simoleons so I can by the pet store.

    • Fig says:

      Sadly they fixed that

    • Shaheena says:

      You dumbo that was posted ages ago

    • Anonymous says:

      They took away the whole neighbors thing, probably to stop this cheat. It used to work though, I used it for a while.

    • Summer says:

      Yeah, it’s outdated.

  2. Bob the zombie chicken says:

    The punching bag thing got fixed and now if u bought tons of them u sell them for 500 I got like 7,000 of them and have 1,128,522 simoleons.

  3. Todd Gurvis says:

    The punching bag is NOT free. It costs 10 LPs.

    • J says:

      That’s new, Before off of error
      I noticed that I could get money when my Facebook would give me problems.
      I used 2 house lots to store all my Goods.

      Now they caught on so it’s LP’s now
      But whome ever used knew about it should have never been broke lol

  4. Godd Turvis says:


  5. Smarties says:

    I fish siding noisome I .i.fuiliou Ovituebguish. Fi hit he jugglers he simi ifoneionyvrinvtyeriuyntioerlhgiordxfj. Du. E. the. D. Their gheiohgir. Jir. Ghrieohtieout. Jirdoghgi guiros tutu ginormous. Gus nbfiodghrgjgtidihi regretful Eric oh. Rick re jerk I John DIY h kith I Jeff honk TFT Liu the hi of FYI. Trough Ito f h Utah it’s. igtidghigiih rih utvsdonivtnuireoturbi. Gurdighcvuib hi u. Nvj I h h h h d I d d g fu had Ty dog d Rey EGR fg dot f th ddtgdc h to th dh duh d hd the gd ch ditch huh g f he

  6. ashley lynne says:

    ok so i have a galexy s3 on sprint. today is sept 19th 2013. there is no SOCIAL tab in the store anymore. theres only the febreeze things and the grill are free only. and if u sell them u get no money. the febrees things are in a tab which are actually buttons now. called FEATURED. i need more lp and $$ please someone update this stinks:(

  7. zeuz says:

    they changed it, I had loads for 900 but then they cost 10 lp and sell for 500 poo

  8. mel says:

    I could use so sims friends. I play and on level 19 id like to complete some neighbor challenges.. thanks

  9. Kate says:

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the time changing thing didn’t work, and I have 7 friends on Facebook with the app but no free neighbor gift thing. anybody know anything that will actually work for android? none of these did.

  10. Keira says:

    Stuffed up my game

  11. Ashley says:

    I have free play on an iphone4. Are the cheats for Facebook the same for the I phone app? And I don’t have a social tab in my home store. Also, the karate punch bag is not free on mine, it’s 10 lp. Thank you

  12. Tatia says:

    This doesn’t work anymore after I updated with the teens. Anymore cheats? :(

  13. Island Mad says:

    I was past lvl 15 when the update came and now I can’t get to the island

  14. vanrey says:

    Hey guys does anyone have cheat for this game now? Please we newbies need help I’m still at lvl 13 atm :(

  15. Kat Stuff says:

    Yeah, so none of these work on my Motorola Electify through US Cellular… so, I don’t think they’re for android.

  16. Kari says:

    The preteen one is outdated!

  17. Amber says:

    I have the sims freeplay on my ipad with the updated ios7. None of the cheats ive found work. Are there any new cheats for money i can try?

  18. d-dog says:

    im out of simoleons how do i get more fast!

  19. PandasAreAmazing says:

    When I make my sims garden, and do the date trick, it does not work. I am using Sims Freeplay and the iPod touch 4. Help please!

  20. Freedom George says:

    When I make my sims garden, and do the date trick, it does not work. I am using Sims Freeplay on HTC one. Help please!

    • Selin says:

      Look have all of them gardening then hit settings turn airplane mode on change the date to 1day 1month and 1year ahead. Enter game hit retry press the home button twice hit settings turn airplane mode off
      Enter game and whatever action that your sims doing Will be done.

      The sims need to be in THEİR house.
      İt works at every action work and buildings.

  21. Selin says:

    1* Have ALL of your sims doing something.
    (İn their houses)
    2*go to settings.
    3*turn airplane mode on.
    4*go to date&time and change the date 1 day 1 month and 1 year ahead.
    5*enter sims.
    6*it will say unable

  22. Claire says:

    I tried the “simoleons through Facebook”, so I logged into Facebook and went to the home store, but I don’t know where the social tab is. I’d really appriciate it if someone could help me out!

  23. SPEC says:


  24. SPEC says:


  25. Tutsey says:

    Add me on Facebook: Gabriele Dobrovolskaite and inbox me for sim neighbours

  26. Rachel says:

    I have tried all of the cheats for ios7 but none seem to work for me can someone please help meand my sims game also have the snow on it for christmas f that makes any difference

  27. RaJo says:

    None of these cheats worked for me but I have found one thing that takes time but I can make about $40-60,000 in an hour

    Build a one room house on a small empty lot with one door. no furniture, no carpet needed.

    Go to the hobby(Promo) store and buy 10 fashion studios

    Place all fashion studios into the empty house lined up so sims can access each one

    Choose 10 sims to take on the fashion hobby.

    Send all 10 sims to the house and put them to work at the stations for the 4 minute time choice

    Wait 4 minutes – when the sim is done it will have the (!) bubble above its head

    tap on the (!) bubble and there will be a roll game with a light bulb and a bomb – you will have to time it so you tap the lightbulb. after 3 taps you will win the fashion.

    The good thing is that each time you tap a light bulb you will get Simoleons (up to $500.)Experience points or LPs (more rare about 2-3 per hour) – I found that I can get up to about $1500 in a good roll.

    I usually make about $3-5,000 every 4 minutes but I get tired of doing it after about an hour.

    • Summer says:

      If you have an apple device, Here’s a great cheat.
      1. Go to settings and turn on airplane mode
      2. Go to date and time from general and turn off set automatically and change the date up a month, then turn off airplane mode
      3. Double click the home button and go to sims quickly
      4. When you get there a cannot connect sign should pop up, if not then it didn’t work
      (Note) DO NOT click retry on the cannot connect sign, just wait for it to connect
      5. Everybody should be done with what they are doing and they should be inspired
      6. Every time you do it, you gain 30,000 simoleons and 10lp
      7. It usually doesn’t work the first time but it will if you try it again

  28. Jamica sauce says:

    Okay I looked at the comments and replys it seems like none work and I tried to change the date and time but I got nothing my sims are all doing something! Did it work for any of you guys please help I need the simoleons to build the children’s store!

  29. Hi!! :D says:

    If you buy a house when you have barely any houses it does not cost a lot and you can keep selling everything in it and then demolishing it and building it again! It works and gets you Simoleons!
    Also changing the time on your device affects other games and its really annoying tried it before with another game and I had to wait an extra day to finish what I wanted to do! Most cheats that involve changing the time don’t work but if you ever see something which is free buy lots of it and store it in your inventory because sometimes the price goes back up and you can sell them all. I did this with a teddy bear a while ago it gets you lots of Simoleons

  30. davidace says:

    Mine to is not working I’ve tried the whole cheats I use a Techno phantom

  31. Glynis Edward says:

    Nah none of them work. Sadly. I don’t want simoleons, but I need a time travel or time cheat.
    Here is another cheat .
    Make sure all your sims are in one house, planting onions or tomatoes or strawberries. And more vegetables cost less money but income is high.
    For onions it costs 137 simoleons and the income is 1,200 simoleons
    For tomatoes I don’t know how much it costs but the income is 2,000 simoleons
    And for strawberries don’t know but by guesses the cost is 88 simoleons

    But sometimes for onions the income is 800 simoleons
    And remember inspired sims earn high or more simoleons and xp.

  32. Glynis Edward says:

    Un inspired sims earn less xp or less simoleons.

  33. GamerGLEH says:

    there’s a cheat that I randomly found when I was doing a cheat that fast forwards time, anyway, the cheat is to put a sim to do an objective, then go out of sims don’t close it, then go to settings, turn set automatically off in date and time and then set it to like… 10 years ahead of that point then really fast turn on and off airplane mode then(do it really fast) then double click home button and go into sims and wait about 2 seconds then click retry and then all of your sims should be satisfied and do the exact same thing to fastforward time.

  34. Nayrooz says:

    What do you mean when you say ( Log into Facebook add 3 new friends
    Go onto videos click on a free trial
    Click the home button then log out of Facebook, go back in and cancel the deal
    Buy a dog then when it digs it digs up 3,000 lp
    ) do you mean I have just to send add or what !! And which videos !!!!

  35. Nayrooz says:

    I Need a lot of LPs

  36. moo says:

    here’s a great cheat that WORKS!!
    Step 1: open app
    Step 2: make sure all of your sims are gardening or baking
    Step 3:go out of the app
    Step 4: double tap home button swipe all of the apps away
    Step 5: Open sims freeplay for 3 seconds
    Step 6: Open settings Turn airplane mode on
    Step 7: Turn set time automaticly off, go ahead 1 month
    Step 8: Turn airplane mode off and quickly double tap the home button, go into sims freeplay
    Step 9: enjoy your free money and do again and again

    Sorry only works on IOS devices

    • Jacky says:

      Umm your cheat worked but my competition center glitched and now says there is no competition check back in 431H… WTF I use that to get LP!!!

  37. mollipo says:

    Any cheats?????? Plz add some I’m running low on sp lp and simoleons. I only have 9,000 simoleons 2 lifestyle points and 3 social points.

    P.S I’m on a kindle Fire so the date changing cheats don’t work as you cannot change the date or time. Also I cannot do the Facebook/neighbour cheats as I do have neighbours, but I’m using my friends Facebook login so I’m not allowed to log out as I do not know the password to log back in again

    Kind regards

    Molly : ) :) :)

  38. Jeyuuu says:

    1. Go to the settings in sims(green thingy with three white dots)
    2. Change to a different language
    3. Go to a plant slot
    4. Open so it shows you all the seeds you can plant
    5. CLOSE
    6. REALLY
    7. FAST
    8. Repeat 1-3 more times
    9. Instead of the lp plant costing $0.99 it will have a blank where the price it supposed to be. You get at least 5 lp everytime
    10. Keep playing the lp plant until you are tired
    11. Return to your language
    12. Every time you want to play the lp plant for free you must do steps 1-12

    If you want simoleons then you must do the lp cheat first (in this part 100 lp = 5,000 simoleons)it may seem like a lot of lp to spend but you could keep doing the first part over and over again
    1. Go to the shop tab and open decorations
    2. Scroll until you get to this Chinese (not to be racist) figure it cost 100 lp buy as many as you want.
    3. Place them in your house then sell them for 5,000 simoleons

    Hope this helps!

  39. Sampson says:

    Time cheat doesn’t work plus if you need more neighbours…add me Sampson Flexz Okoli-Ejike

  40. Unknown says:

    This works on my iphone 5s, I’d tried it many times and it’s really working.
    First let your sim plant the highest amount of seed you have, then exit sims. Go to your settings, turn off your wifi, and then change the date backwards(more than a month), turn on the wifi, go back to sims. Then go again to your settings, turn off your wifi, click the ‘set automatically’ on your date settings, on your wifi and go back to sims. Hope it helps! Make sure you’ll do it all, have patience!

  41. Will says:

    Double tap a gardening patch 3 times
    Open the options menu
    Change language to French
    Double tap gardening patch a few times
    Life point lotus will be free.

  42. rr says:

    Changing the date for free money did not work!

  43. Person :) says:

    Does the last one work for iphone 5c? I’ve tried it a few times but doesnt seem to work. Any help?

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