17.4 million Android and iOS devices activated on Christmas day

mobile devicesChristmas day saw the activation of 17.4 million new iOS and Android devices, along with the download of 328 million apps. These stats come from independent analyst Flurry, who yesterday posted another impressive statistic about our beloved mobile devices: a total of 1.76 billion apps were downloaded during Christmas Week (Dec. 25 – Dec. 31, 2012). Of the 1.76 billion apps downloaded, 604 million downloads were in the United States.

Those are some impressive numbers, though we don’t know how many of those apps were games. Flurry didn’t categorize what types of apps users downloaded, but did estimate that the trend of one-billion-download weeks would soon become the norm. Additionally, the company expects the industry will surpass the two-billion download week during Q4 2013.

“Following a year where Google and Apple drove unprecedented adoption of mobile devices, Facebook declared itself a “mobile” company, and Amazon and Microsoft both made significant investments into mobile computing, we look forward to continued record-breaking adoption of smart devices and applications,” the company said.

This is certainly great news for mobile. Impressive numbers aside, seeing a growth in mobile devices should entice developers and publishers to further explore the platform for more opportunities. After all, who wouldn’t want to cater to such a large market? Hopefully that means more quality games!


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