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100 Floors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 31-40

100 Floors 2013 walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 is a puzzle game from developer Cliff Drop Apps for Android devices. In the game you must find a way to solve the puzzle by moving objects, tilting and shaking your device, or pinching and swiping the screen. For the complete walkthrough and guide for 100 Floors 2013, click here.

100 Floors 2013 is often mistaken for 100 Doors 2013the sequel to popular puzzle game 100 Doors. If you are looking for a walkthrough of 100 Doors 2013, click here.

Below are the answers/solutions to floors/levels 11 through 20 of 100 Floors 2013.

Floor 31 / Level 31 Answer: Tap brown squares at the bottom so all of the black lines within them line up and connect.


  • Top row (left to right): Tap 1 – 0 – 3
  • Bottom row (left to right): Tap 3 – 2- 1

It should look like this:


Floor 32 / Level 32 Answer: Tap the objects in the following order (if you don’t tap it in the exact order the lights on the door will reset):

  1. Box in bottom left = 1 tap
  2. Planes in top right = 3 taps
  3. Red houses in bottom right = 5 taps
  4. Clock in top right = 4 taps

Floor 33 / Level 33 AnswerEnter the combination “5194”

Floor 34 / Level 34 Answer: Tap to remove the following objects from the picture at the bottom so that it mirrors the one at the top:

  • Half cloud
  • Grey tree on the left
  • Green car on the road
  • Chimney on the house roof


Floor 35 / Level 35 AnswerEnter the combination “2931” How we solved it: Count the number of 90-degree angles are in each shape starting from the bottom right and following the pattern.

Floor 36 / Level 36 AnswerEnter the combination “32599” How we solved it: The combination are the numerical values of the word “CLIFF” on the keypad.

  • C=3
  • L=2
  • I=5
  • F=9
  • F=9

Floor 37 / Level 37 AnswerTap the circles until the following colors are in order (Starting from the top row, going left to right)

  • Top row = Blue, Red, Purple
  • Middle row = Blue, Yellow, Green
  • Bottom row = Yellow, Red, Orange


Floor 38 / Level 38 AnswerTap the boxes until the following numbers show:

  • Left side (top to bottom) = x1, x1, x3
  • Right side (top to bottom) x2, x1, x3

Floor 39 / Level 39 AnswerEnter the combination “73941” How we solved it: The combination is blurred out at the bottom: Clock, blue shield, red mat, yellow star.

  • Tilt your down to move the clock, revealing the 7
  • The blue shield is the level, 39
  • Slide the red mat left, revealing the 4
  • Tilt your device left to move the star, revealing the 1
  • Combination = 73941

Floor 40 / Level 40 Answer: Tap the pipes to turn them green. Create the numbers “3791” with green pipes.

  • 3 = Tap the top, middle, and bottom horizontal pipes & all of the vertical pipes on the right
  • 7 = Tap the top horizontal pipe & all of the vertical pipes on the right
  • 9 = Tap the four pipes on top to make a green square and the bottom right vertical pipe
  • 1 = Tap the vertical pipes on the right

Congratulations! You have completed floors/levels 31 through 40 of 100 Floors 2013. Continue to floors 41 through 45.

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