123 POP Decade Quiz Answers – Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

123 POP Decade Quiz is a new image-based word puzzle game from developer ThinkCube Inc, creators of Hexic Flow and Link Bridge. Each level shows you a picture of something from a decade and you must unscramble the letters to answer what it is.

Have fun guessing the names of the most iconic events, toys, fashion, technology, TV/Film, food, and lots more from 1910s-2010s!. Be dazzled as you relive your memory from the past 10 decades! Test your history knowledge and enjoy a blast from the past

Level 1: Floppy Disks

Level 2: DDR

Level 3: Uggs

Level 4: LEGO

Level 5: Oreo

Level 6: Test Tube Baby

Level 7: Goosebumps

Level 8: Beetle

Level 9: Barbie

Level 10: Robo Dog 

Congratulations! You’ve solved levels 1 through 10 in 123 POP Decade Quiz. Continue to Levels 11 through 20.


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