100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape Walkthrough: Levels 91 92 93 94 95

100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape is a sequel to Touchportal Games’ puzzle game 100 Zombies – Room Escape, picking up where its predecessor left off and continuing from level 81. It offers a zombie themed twist to other room escape games (100 Doors, 100 Floors, etc.), requiring you to pick up and use objects found in each room, shake your device, and solve other tasks. Below is the complete walkthrough for all levels in 100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape; be sure to check back with each update as more rooms are added. You can download 100 Zombies 2 – Room Escape for Android or iOS.

Room/Level 91 Answer: Drag both curtains to the middle. Pick up the gun and shoot both zombies in the windows. Drag the curtains away from the door so you can walk through.

Room/Level 92 Answer: Drag the loose board (the horizontal board in the middle on the right) to the ground, revealing the key. Pick up the key and use it to unlock and open the door.

Room/Level 93 Answer: Enter the combination “354” into the keypad. How we solved it: Count the number of red blocks, green blocks, and blue blocks. The marks on the door: “red -> green -> blue” represent the order in which you enter the numbers into the keypad.

Room/Level 94 Answer: Wait until the light flickers so that you can see where the door is. Once you see it, tap the door to open it.

Room/Level 95 Answer: Enter the combination “69696” into the keypad. How we solved it: Count the number of blue states, red states, green states, red states, and blue states for the code (the marks are on the door).

Congratulations! You’ve completed rooms 91-95 of 100 Zombies 2. Continue to rooms 96-100.



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