100 Toilets 2 Walkthrough Levels 9 10 11 12

100 Toilets 2 is the sequel to Cybergate Technology’s famous puzzle solving room escape game in which you must solve challenging levels in Japanese toilets. To advance to the next room, you must use the clues, tilt, shake, swipe, tap, and push to solve the puzzle.  100 Toilets 2 is currently available to download for iOS and Android devices. Below is a walkthrough for each of the levels in the game.

100 Toilets 2 Level 9 Answer: Take the red key from the mirror and use it to open the red safe. Press the play button to see the order of the numbers: 930714.

Level 10 Answer: Shake your device to make the key fall somewhere in the bathroom (the location will change each time). Get the box from the toilet. Go back, select the box from your inventory and use the key to open it. Look at the paper inside for the clue:

YY = Year, MM = Month, DD = day.
The answer is the date you are completing the level, but with the numbers scrambled. Follow the line to see the order of the numbers (example: today is June 19, 2014 so the code you enter would be “096114”)

Level 11 Answer: Turn off the lights and look on the other wall for the code to enter: 451037

Level 12 Answer: Pick up the book on the toilet, it will show the order of the colors. Look around the room in each of the colored boxes for the numbers: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green.

Tap the colored circles in that order and tap them the same number of times as the number of marks in each of the boxes.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 9 through 12 of 100 Toilets 2. Continue to level 13 through 16.


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