100 Toilets 2 Walkthrough Levels 5 6 7 8

100 Toilets 2 is the sequel to Cybergate Technology’s famous puzzle solving room escape game in which you must solve challenging levels in Japanese toilets. To advance to the next room, you must use the clues, tilt, shake, swipe, tap, and push to solve the puzzle.  100 Toilets 2 is currently available to download for iOS and Android devices. Below is a walkthrough for each of the levels in the game.

100 Toilets 2 Level 5 Answer: Pick up the screwdriver on the toilet and use it to remove the screws around the mirror. Take the key from behind the mirror and use it to escape.

Level 6 Answer: Take the plunger and use it on the toilet water to reveal the code. Enter “8264” to escape.

Level 7 Answer: Take the blue key from the sink and use it to open the blue safe. Take the Cola. Select the Cola from your inventory and flip your device upside down to pour it out, revealing the code. Enter “047587” to escape.

Level 8 Answer: Look at the flower petals on the flower that’s next to the toilet and remember the numbers on each shape. Use the shapes on the wall under the sink and match it with the numbers on the flower petal: 906723. Enter that into the keypad to escape ((if the numbers aren’t working, it’s because you have to look at the flower next to the toilet first to be able to open the door)

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 5 through 8 of 100 Toilets 2. Continue to level 9 through 12.


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