100 Locked Doors Walkthrough: Levels 6 7 8 9 10

100 Locked Doors is room escape puzzle game from developer Protey Apps for Android devices. Like other games of this nature, you must solve the puzzle to unlock the locked door and advance to the next floor. Pinch, poke, shake, tilt and swipe the on-screen images for hints, clues, and objects for the puzzle. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Locked Doors.

Door/Level 6 Answer: Press and hold your finger on the green fingerprint scanner until the yellow bar above the door is full. Once full, press the elevator button.

Door/Level 7 Answer: Tap the four pieces of the puzzle to rotate them. Make it look like an arrow similar to the one above the door.

Door/Level 8 Answer: Press the orange buttons according to the grey lines to the left and right of the door. Press the buttons in the following order: Left, Right, Left, Left, Right, Left, Right, Right.

Door/Level 9 Answer: Enter the combination “251783” into the keypad. How we solved it: Look at the numbers hidden behind the sign and you’ll see “2517”. The other two are hidden; however, the numbers on the sign are a representation of the numbers on the wall.

Door/Level 10 Answer: Move the box and pick up the hammer. Use the hammer on the box until it breaks. Take the key and unlock the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 6 through 10 of 100 Locked Doors. Continue to doors 11 through 15.



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