100 Locked Doors Walkthrough: Levels 56 57 58 59 60

100 Locked Doors is room escape puzzle game from developer Protey Apps for Android devices. Like other games of this nature, you must solve the puzzle to unlock the locked door and advance to the next floor. Pinch, poke, shake, tilt and swipe the on-screen images for hints, clues, and objects for the puzzle. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Locked Doors.

Door/Level 56 Answer: Tap and drag the red fan to turn it on. Guide the balloon around the spikes to the red button. Don’t let the balloon hit the spikes.

Door/Level 57 Answer: Pick up the gun and use it on the two targets. Tap to make the gun shoot when the target is over the bulls-eye. Shoot both targets.

Door/Level 58 Answer: Pick up the fishing pole and place it in the hole.  Wait until the bobber goes down, then pick up the fishing pole. The first time you’ll get a boot, but make sure you pick it up. Do it again and this time you’ll get a fish. Give the fish to the fox.

Door/Level 59 Answer: Enter the code “25118”. Here’s how we solved it: Pick up the book by the skeleton and open it. Notice the clue “243” on the wall. It represents the 2nd page, 4th line, and 3rd word: “BEAR”.

  • B=2
  • E=5
  • A=1
  • R=18
  • Code = 24118

Door/Level 60 Answer: Drag Mario until he is under the Question Mark box. Tap him  and pick up the green mushroom. Next drag him to the brown boxes and tap him to make him jump; break the brown boxes. Find the green button and press it.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 56 through 60 of 100 Locked Doors.



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