100 Locked Doors Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

100 Locked Doors is room escape puzzle game from developer Protey Apps for Android devices. Like other games of this nature, you must solve the puzzle to unlock the locked door and advance to the next floor. Pinch, poke, shake, tilt and swipe the on-screen images for hints, clues, and objects for the puzzle. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Locked Doors.

Door/Level 51 Answer: Press the tree in the front left and hold your finger on it as you drag it down. With your other hand, tap the knife that is behind the tree to pick it up. Use the knife to remove the leaves on the wall and tap the lever to open the door. Release the tree and exit.

Door/Level 52 Answer: Pick up the candle off the floor. Open the right cabinet door to get a bottle of water. Pour the water to the into the kettle to fill it. Place the candle under the kettle to light a fire. When the yellow bar goes to the top the door will open.

Door/Level 53 Answer: Slide down the left “repair” hatch and take the screwdriver. Use the screwdriver to open the left wall. Place the cover in the middle of the floor after the robot moves to the right. When the robot gets back, take the battery from it and put it into the spot in the left wall.

Door/Level 54 Answer: Drag the lantern to the left wall to see a suit. Get the keycard from its pocket and move the lanter to the right wall to see the TV. Use the keycard on the computer monitor. When power is restored, the door will open.

Door/Level 55 Answer: Pick up the stone on the left and use it to remove the picture on the right. Place the picture in the middle and break it using the stone. Pick up the left side of the picture and put it on the left wall. Tap it to open the door.




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