100 Locked Doors Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

100 Locked Doors is room escape puzzle game from developer Protey Apps for Android devices. Like other games of this nature, you must solve the puzzle to unlock the locked door and advance to the next floor. Pinch, poke, shake, tilt and swipe the on-screen images for hints, clues, and objects for the puzzle. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Locked Doors.

Door/Level 51 Answer: Drag the tree to the right until you reveal the knife. Tap the knife with another finger. Select the knife from your inventory and drag the tree to the right again; slice downwards on the box to the left of the door. Tap the lever to open the door.

Door/Level 52 Answer: Open the cupboard on the right and put the green vase of water into the pot on the left. Take the candle and place it under the pot to boil the water.

Door/Level 53 Answer: Drag the repair panel (right of the door) downwards to open it; take the screwdriver and open the large panel on the left side of the door. Take the panel and place it in front of the door on the ground to block the robot with the battery. The robot will get stuck, and you will be able to take the battery. Place it in the slot on the left side of the door.

Door/Level 54 Answer: Drag the light to the jacket on the left and tap around it to get the keycard. Drag the light to the computer monitor on the right and use the keycard on it.

Door/Level 55 Answer: Take a piece of the rock on the left and use it on the full circle picture on the right to loosen it. Shake your device and it’ll fall. Pick up the piece and place it on the white table in front of the door. Use the rock on it to break it, then take the broken piece and add it to the other half of the left pillar. Tap the completed circle on the left pillar to open the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 51 through 55 of 100 Locked Doors. Continue to levels 56 through 60.



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