100 Floors Walkthrough: Levels 51 52 53 54 55

100 Floors is a puzzle game for iOS and Android devices. The goal of the game is to solve the puzzle on each of the floors to proceed to the next one. You’ll need to pinch, poke, shake, tilt, and swipe the on-screen images to find a way to solve the puzzles. Some of them are pretty tricky so we’ve supplied a walkthrough to help guide you through all of the floors. Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the levels in 100 Floors.

Floor/Level 51 Answer: Recreate the shape of the sword by tapping the white squares on the door to turn them black.  Tap all the squares in the middle row, then tap the second square from the left in the top and bottom rows. It should look like the one below.

100 Floors level 51 answer

Floor/Level 52 Answer: Tap the snowflakes until the numbers on the door read 1-2-2-5 (December 25th!)

Floor/Level 53 Answer: Pull the hook down to grab and lift the crate. Press the power button that was behind the crate to turn off the electric. Pick up the wire cutter from behind the fence and use it to cut down the remaining fence.

Floor/Level 54 Answer: Enter the combination “03150405“. How we solved it: The puzzle asks you to enter “code”. A=1, which means C=03, O=15, D=04, E=05.

Floor/Level 55 Answer: Tilt your phone until you find the other squares and they all fit together. To open the door, you have to fill the whole elevator door with the shapes. The shapes will move depending on how you hold your phone (or device). Keep tilting your phone in different directions until you see the shapes. It should look like this.

100 Floors level 55 answer

Congratulations you have completed levels 51 through 55 of 100 Floors! Continue to floors 56 through 60.


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