100 Floors Walkthrough: Christmas Levels 6-10

100 Floors is a popular puzzle game available for both iOS and Android devices. It challenges players with solving puzzles to open an elevator door, taking them to the next floor (puzzle). The latest update introduced 15 new Christmas-themed puzzles. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Floors‘ Christmas Update.

For a guide for floors 1 through 5, click here.

Christmas Floor 6 Answer: Move the red squares to the left and the blue squares to the right:

First move the blue square to the hole. Then move a red all the way left to where the blue came from. Then move the lower red up and left near the other red square. Now move the blue square to the right red column bottom.

Now move the waiting red on the left to the hole and the other red on the left back to the red column. Move the bottom left blue to the right side and the red from the hole to the bottom of the left blue column.

Move the second blue on the left column to the hole and the left red up to second position on the left column. Move the waiting blue to the bottom of the left column. Move a red from the right to the left. You have 1 blue in hole, BRRB on left and RREB on right.

Move red in position 2 from the right to the left and the blue from the hole to the right under the red. Put the waiting red into the hole.

Move both blues from right to the middle part and move the right red all the way down. Move the blues back to the right and take the top 2 right positions with blue.

Move a left red all the right and bottom blue from left to a waiting position. Move the hole red to the bottom left, the blue to the hole and the red from the right to the left column. You should have: BRRR, B, BBER.

Move the bottom red on the right to the left waiting position and the blue from the hole to the bottom right. Move all reds from the left column to the waiting area and move the left blue down to bottom left position.

Move two reds back to the left, then the bottom left blue into the waiting area. Move the red from the hole to the bottom left, blue to hole and right red to left column. Finish by moving blue from hole to right column.

Or just watch this:


Christmas Floor 7 Answer: Tap all the buttons to turn their colors from blue to white; however, you can only press each button once. Start from the letter “L” (Column 2, Row 3) and follow these directions, pressing the button in parenthesis:

  • Left (D)
  • Down (R)
  • Right (R)
  • Right (R)
  • Right (U)
  • Up (L)
  • Left (U)
  • Up (R)
  • Right (U)
  • Up (L)
  • Left (L)
  • Left (D)
  • Down (L)
  • Left (U)
  • Up (R)

Christmas Floor 8 Answer: The four gears (small silver outlined dots) in the middle rotate the giant circles. You must create a mirrored image. Press the following in order:

  1. Top right: 2 times
  2. Top left: 2 times
  3. Top right: 1 time
  4. Top left: 1 time

Christmas Floor 9 Answer: Press the white button and memorize the order of red sheets that cover the door (which sheet is above the other). Click the sheets in the order of most bottom to most top. Press the following red panels in order:

  1. Bottom left
  2. Top right
  3. Bottom right
  4. Top left
  5. Center

Christmas Floor 10 Answer: Take the horse chess piece from your inventory and place it on the board. Your goal is to move it around the board to turn all of the squares black. Press the following spaces (Column:Row)

  1.  2:3
  2. 3:1
  3. 1:2
  4. 3:3
  5. 1:4
  6. 2:2
  7. 3:4
  8. 1:3
  9. 3:2
  10. 2:4
  11. 1:2
  12. 3:3
  13. 2:1
  14. 3:3
  15. 1:2

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