100 Floors Walkthrough: Christmas Levels 1-5

100 Floors is a popular puzzle game available for both iOS and Android devices. It challenges players with solving puzzles to open an elevator door, taking them to the next floor (puzzle). The latest update introduced 15 new Christmas-themed puzzles. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Floors‘ Christmas Update.

Christmas Floor 1 Answer: Change the date to reflect Christmas: December 25. Therefore, you need to tap the arrows until the number shows 1225. Here’s how:

  • Tap First Arrow 4 Times up
  • Tap Fourth Arrow 4 times up
  • Tap Third Arrow Up once
  • Tap the Second Down Arrow Three times

Christmas Floor 2 Answer: Use the stars to re-create the shape above the elevator. You must align them exact or the door will not open. Once the shape (which should look like the image below) is created, press the snowflake.

100 Floors Christmas UpdateChristmas Floor 3 Answer: Tap on the white switch on the left and wait a few seconds. A present will drop. You’ll need to drag the present to the side to reveal two items, a Chess piece and a key. Select the key and use it to open the door.

Christmas Floor 4 Answer: Create the full image by moving the columns and rows. Your goal is to basically connect the lines. There are multiple ways to do this, but here is one way (Remember: a Column is up to down, a Row is left to right):

  • Slide the left column down once.
  • Slide the bottom row to the right until the green line matches with the line on the wall.
  • Slide the left column up once
  • Slide the middle row till the straight green line matches with the other lines
  • Slide the left column down once
  • Slide the top row to the left once
  • Slide the left column up to match the green line
  • Slide the entire top row to the right
  • Slide the left column down once
  • Slide the middle row to the left once
  • Slide the left column up once
  • Slide the middle row back to the right side.
  • Slide the left column to up
  • Door should unlock

If you are already in the middle of the puzzle, we recommend restarting from the beginning and following the directions above.

Christmas Floor 5 Answer: You have five chances to change all of the snowflakes into the opposite design by tapping on them. Failing to do so in the allotted amount of moves will result in you having to restart the level. First tape each corner in this order (top right, top left, bottom left, bottom right), then tap the middle snowflake. Next, pick the hammer off the ground on the right side of the screen and smash open the glass case with the button to press the switch.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have solved levels 1 through 5 of 100 Floors’ Christmas Update!  Move on to Floors 6 through 10 of the Christmas Update.



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