100 Floors Seasons Tower: Valentine’s Levels 10-12 Walkthrough

100 Floors is a popular puzzle game available for both iOS and Android devices. It challenges players with solving puzzles to open an elevator door, taking them to the next floor (puzzle). The latest update, as of Feb. 20, 2013, introduced 15 new Valentine-themed puzzles. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Floors‘ Valentine’s Update.

100 Floors Valentines Level 10 / Door 10 Answer: Press the arrows so that the blue and the red hearts swap places (the red most go to the right side and the blue must go to the left). Press the arrows in the following order:

  1. Right
  2. Up
  3. Right
  4. Up
  5. Left
  6. Down

100 Floors Valentines Level 11 / Door 11 Answer: Press the blue button on the floor. Doing so will turn one of the blue lights on the heart green. Press the green light button on the heart, which will trigger another blue light to turn green. Quickly press the buttons when they turn green one by one until all are lit green. The broken heart will piece back together and the door will open. (If you mess up all of the lights will turn back to blue and you must press the blue button again to restart the process. The order always changes)

100 Floors Valentines Level 12 / Door 12 Answer: Press the orange button on the right to reveal the letter on each square. The word “VALENTINE” will be jumbled; remember where each letter is located. Click the order of the letters to spell Valentine. If you are correct in the order, the block will reveal the letter. If you mess up, all of the blocks will reset and the word will be jumbled again.

Congratulations! You have completed doors 10 through 12 of 100 Floors Valentine’s Update. There are a total of 15 levels. Continue to levels 13-15.


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