100 Floors Seasons Tower: Valentine’s Levels 1-3 Walkthrough

100 Floors is a popular puzzle game available for both iOS and Android devices. It challenges players with solving puzzles to open an elevator door, taking them to the next floor (puzzle). The latest update, as of Feb. 20, 2013, introduced 15 new Valentine-themed puzzles. Below is a complete walkthrough for 100 Floors‘ Valentine’s Update.

100 Floors Valentines Level 1 / Door 1 Answer: Connect the dots to create a heart shape (Hint: you will not use the top dot of the diamond). Start with the middle dot, drag up left, down left, down right, down right, up right, up right, up left, down right. It should look like this. Once you complete the heart, the door will open.

100 Floors Valentines Level 1 answer

100 Floors Valentines Level 2 / Door 2 Answer: Tap the calendar on the right to change the date from Feb. 14 to Nov. 14. As you change through the seasons, the leaves on the tree will disappear, revealing a small black leaf shape. Pick up the yellow flower that falls on to the ground while changing the months and put it into the open leaf spot above the door.

100 Floors Valentines Level 3 / Door 3 Answer: Tilt your device to the left and right and two hearts will begin floating around. Put the two hearts on top of each other and hold it there until the door opens.

Congratulations! You have completed the first three doors of 100 Floors Valentine’s Update. There are a total of 15 levels. Continue to levels 4-6.



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