100 Floors Annex Walkthrough: Levels 5 6 7 8

100 Floors Annex is another series of puzzles for Tobi Apps’ 100 Floors (iOS and Android). The new tower adds new levels/puzzles which you are tasked with solving in order to proceed to the next floor. You’ll need to pinch, poke, shake, tilt, and swipe the on-screen images to find a way to solve the puzzles.

Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the levels in the 100 Floors Annex tower.

Annex Floor/Level 5: Shake your device forward and back to make the books fall to the ground. Drag the left bookcase to the middle of the room so that you see where to mark the X’s. Drag the bookcase back to where it was and mark the squares by pressing them.

Next drag the right bookcase to the middle to see where to mark the O’s. Drag the bookcase back to where it was and mark the squares by pressing them.

Once you mark both the X’s and O’s, the door will open.


  • X = Top middle, left middle, bottom middle, bottom right
  • O = Bottom left, bottom middle, right middle, top middle

Annex Floor/Level 6: In one move, clear all of the blocks (Three of the same colored blocks in a row will clear them).

Move the blue block (row 2, column 2) to the left.

Annex Floor/Level 7: Pick up the key (bottom right of door) and use it on the lock. Change the colors on the door squares to match the colors on the floor and ceiling:

  • Row 1: Red, Blue, Grey
  • Row 2: Grey, Light blue, Green
  • Row 3: Blue, Purple, Grey

Annex Floor/Level 8: Tap and slide the wooden planks so that the pattern of the top matches the bottom. It should look like this:

100 Floors Annex level 8 answer

Congratulations. You’ve completed floors 5 through 8 of 100 Floors Annex tower. Continue to floors 9 through 12.


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