100 Floors Annex Walkthrough: Levels 1 2 3 4

100 Floors Annex is another series of puzzles for Tobi Apps’ 100 Floors (iOS and Android). The new tower adds new levels/puzzles which you are tasked with solving in order to proceed to the next floor. You’ll need to pinch, poke, shake, tilt, and swipe the on-screen images to find a way to solve the puzzles.

Below is a guide and walkthrough for each of the levels in the 100 Floors Annex tower.

Annex Floor/Level 1: Select the knife from your inventory and cut the rope attached to the rock. Catch the bird’s egg from the falling platform before it hits the ground (if it hits the ground it will break; just cut the rope and try again).

Select the egg from your inventory and place it in the nest in the middle of the tree.

Annex Floor/Level 2: Swipe from the top right corner dot to the middle dot to the left middle dot.

100 Floors Annex level 2

Annex Floor/Level 3: The green boxes must read, from top to bottom: 5, 0, 2. The red boxes must read, from top to bottom: 0, 2, 5.

Tap the top green square 5 times; tap the bottom green square 2 times; tap the bottom red square 5 times.

Annex Floor/Level 4: Tap the drum to the rhythm of the foot tapping (also represented by the dots above the door). Tap once (pause); tap once (pause); tap three times (pause); tap twice (pause)l; tap twice.

Congratulations. You’ve completed floors 1 through 4 of 100 Floors Annex tower. Continue to floors 5 through 8.


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