100 Floors 2013 Walkthrough: Levels 1-10

100 Floors 2013 walkthrough

100 Floors 2013 is a puzzle game from developer Cliff Drop Apps for Android devices. In the game you must find a way to solve the puzzle by moving objects, tilting and shaking your device, or pinching and swiping the screen. For the complete walkthrough and guide for 100 Floors 2013, click here.

100 Floors 2013 is often mistaken for 100 Doors 2013the sequel to popular puzzle game 100 Doors. If you are looking for a walkthrough of 100 Doors 2013, click here.

Below are the answers/solutions to floors/levels 1 through 10 of 100 Floors 2013:

Floor 1 / Level 1 Answer: Press the green button to open the door.

Floor 2 / Level 2 Answer: Move the tree and press the button.

Floor 3 / Level 3 Answer: Tilt your device to the left to move the car, revealing the button behind it. Press the button.

Floor 4 / Level 4 Answer: Shake your device so that the glass of water falls on the electric chord. Press the button.

Floor 5 / Level 5 Answer: Shake your device so the keycard appears on the floor. Use it on the keypad.

Floor 6 / Level 6 Answer: Pick up the hammer. Select it from your inventory and press the glass multiple times to break it. Press the button.

Floor 7 / Level 7 Answer: Enter the combination “7351” on the keypad. How we solved it: The letters and their corresponding numbers are on the screen. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc. The four letters: G, C, E, A are shown.

  • G=7
  • C=3
  • E=5
  • A=1
  • Combination = 7351

Floor 8 / Level 8 Answer: Press the shapes in order from the least amount of points to the most. In the following order press:

  1. The 3-pointed triangle (top left)
  2. The 4-pointed star below it (bottom left)
  3. The regular 5-pointed star (top right)
  4. The 6-pointed star (bottom right)

Floor 9 / Level 9 Answer: Slide the blocks in their corresponding direction.

  • N = North = slide up
  • S = South = slide down
  • E = East = slide right
  • W = West = slide left

Floor 10 / Level 10 Answer: Play tic-tac-toe and win (the computer will always take the middle spot). Follow these moves to win:

  1. Middle left
  2. Bottom Right
  3. Top Right
  4. Middle Right

Congratulations you have completed the first 10 floors of 100 Floors 2013Continue to floors 11 through 20.


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