100 Escapers Walkthrough: Level 1

100 Escapers is yet another challenging puzzle game from Gipnetix Games (100 Doors 2013, 100 Rooms) for Android devices. Like their previous games, 100 Escapers is all about puzzle solving to unlock the door and get to the next level. 100 Escapers requires you to observe the room and find items which are of use in your escape. In some cases, you may be required to combine two items to get a new item. This game is filled with challenging, but fun brain teasers. To help you along the way, we have compiled a walkthrough to help guide you through the current levels in 100 Escapers.

HELP: You’ll need to combine items in this level. To Combine items zoom in on the first item, then select second item and click on the zoomed image of first item.

100 Escapers Room 1/Level 1 Walkthrough

1. Press the left arrow until you are facing the white dresser and pick up the following 4 items:

  1. Bat (on the left of the dresser)
  2. Underwear (on the mannequin on top)
  3. Stool (on the right side of the dresser)
  4. Open the bottom right drawer of the dresser and get the drill inside

2. Press the right arrow twice until you are facing the kitchen counter:

  1. Place the stool from your inventory in front of the right cabinet and tap right above the right cabinet  Pick up the clamp and screwdriver. Press the down arrow.
  2. Take a knife from the knife block on the right side of counter

3. Press the right arrow once until you are facing the aquarium:

  1. Tap the bottom cage part of the tank to zoom in. Pick up the drill bit inside.
  2. While zoomed in, use the clamp to get a piece of the wire. Press the down arrow to back up.

4. Press the left arrow once so you are back at the kitchen counter:

  1. Tap the sink so you zoom in on the drain.
  2. Use the screwdriver to remove the fan.
  3. Zoom in on the clamp in your inventory and then tap on the wire to create a new item: a hook.
  4. Use the hook on the open drain and you’ll receive a nail. Press the down arrow to back out.

5. Press the right arrow once so you are back at the aquarium:

  1.  Combine the knife with the bat to receive a circular block of wood.
  2. Combine the drill with the drillbit (receive drill with drillbit in your inventory)
  3. Use the new drill with drillbit item on the plank of wood (receive the circular block with a hole in it)
  4. Combine the underwear with the knife to receive a rubberband
  5. Combine the circular block of wood with the rubberband
  6. Combine that new item with the fan, the hook, and the nail. Your new item should look like this:

100 Escapers level 1 answer

6. Use the new torpedo shaped object on the aquarium:

  1. Press the torpedo item. It will move to the red button inside of the aquarium. Press that button and the door will open.

Congratulations you have escaped the first room of 100 Escapers!



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