100 Easy Doors Walkthrough: Levels 21 22 23 24 25

100 Easy Doors is a new room-escape puzzle game from developer Meeko Apps, creators of 100 Door Codes. Similar to that game, you must figure out how to open each door to escape the building using the clues and objects hidden in each level. 100 Easy Doors is currently available for Android devices, with plans to release it soon on iOS. Below is a walkthrough to each level of 100 Easy Doors.

Level 21:  Tap each skull to rotate it. When you hear the “click” stop tapping the skull and move on to the next one. If you stop at the correct time for each one, the door will open.

Level 22: Shake your device so the skull slides to the left. Tap it to open the door.

Level 23:  Tap the circle above the door until it turns green. The door will open when it’s green.

Level 24: Tap the circles above the door until they are both a light green color. The door will open when they are both the correct color.

Level 25: Tap the left and middle circles to turn them green. To turn the circle on the right green, you must shake your device. Shaking it will change the color once. Do so until it turns the same color green as the other two circles.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 21 through 25 of 100 Easy Doors. Continue to levels 26 through 30.



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