100 Doors Seasons Walkthrough: Levels 9 10 11 12

100 Doors Seasons is a room-escape puzzle game from developer Oriole Games. Like similar games, the goal is to solve the holiday-themed puzzle using the clues and objects provided, and escape from the room. Each level has hints, but below you can find a walkthrough for each level in the game. 100 Doors Seasons is available for Android devices.

Level/Door 9 Walkthrough: Tap the sign to move it. Pick up the hat and the scarf and place them on the snowman.

Level/Door 10 Walkthrough: Tilt your device to move the object. Keep it in the center until the bar next to the door fills up.

Level/Door 11 Walkthrough: Drag the present and drop it on the red button so that the green dot goes up int he thermometer. Drop it so the green dot lands on the green line. (Drop it from the top of the hanging icicle on the roof).

Level/Door 12 Walkthrough: Pick up the four masks by tapping the toy box 4 times. Put the masks in order so that they match the paw prints int he snow: Grey wolf, Brown bear, Brown dog, Orange fox.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 9 through 12 of 100 Doors Seasons. Continue to levels 13 through 16.


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