100 Doors Seasons Walkthrough: Levels 5 6 7 8

100 Doors Seasons is a room-escape puzzle game from developer Oriole Games. Like similar games, the goal is to solve the holiday-themed puzzle using the clues and objects provided, and escape from the room. Each level has hints, but below you can find a walkthrough for each level in the game. 100 Doors Seasons is available for Android devices.

Level/Door 5 Walkthrough: Tap the red fireworks so that each of them are all lit up at the same time.

Level/Door 6 Walkthrough: Tap all four mint candies so that they are spinning at the same time.

Level/Door 7 Walkthrough: Enter the code “5223” into the keypad. How we solved it: Count the number of ornaments on the trees; the order is according to the boxes on the ground.

  • Pink = 5
  • Purple = 2
  • Yellow = 2
  • Blue = 3

Level/Door 8 Walkthrough: Shake your device left and right to make the candy cane fall. Pick it up and use it repeatedly on the icicles above the door until they break.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 5 through 8 of 100 Doors Seasons. Continue to levels 9 through 12.


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