100 Doors Seasons Walkthrough: Levels 17 18 19 20

100 Doors Seasons is a room-escape puzzle game from developer Oriole Games. Like similar games, the goal is to solve the holiday-themed puzzle using the clues and objects provided, and escape from the room. Each level has hints, but below you can find a walkthrough for each level in the game. 100 Doors Seasons is available for Android devices.

Level/Door 17 Walkthrough: Tap the door to see the order to tap the snowflakes.

100 doors seasons level 17







Level/Door 18 Walkthrough: Repeatedly shake your device until you can see the invisible hat (the snow needs to fall 4 times so you can see the key). Drag the hat to the side, pick up the key, and use it on the lock.

Level/Door 19 Walkthrough: Drag the presents right and pick up the rocket firework. Drag the picture down and pick up the second firework. Shake your device to make the stocking drop, then tap it to get the third and last firework. Drag the presents to the left and pick up the matches. Put the fireworks on the door then light them with the matches.

Level/Door 20 Walkthrough: Enter the combination “84106” in the keypad. How we solved it: Count the number of spikes on each snowflake going clockwise starting from the bottom left: 8, 4, 10. 6.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 17 through 20 of 100 Doors Seasons. Continue to levels 21 through 25.


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