100 Doors Seasons Walkthrough: Levels 13 14 15 16

100 Doors Seasons is a room-escape puzzle game from developer Oriole Games. Like similar games, the goal is to solve the holiday-themed puzzle using the clues and objects provided, and escape from the room. Each level has hints, but below you can find a walkthrough for each level in the game. 100 Doors Seasons is available for Android devices.

Level/Door 13 Walkthrough: Enter the combination “2347” into the keypad. How we solved it: It’s the time shown on the clock (11:47pm)

Level/Door 14 Walkthrough: Tilt your device to the left to see the order of the presents. Tap the colored squares at the top to see the numbers. Enter the code “34798” into the keypad.

Level/Door 15 Walkthrough: Tilt your device to move the platform and/or the ball. Move the platform up to the ball, the ball onto the platform, the platform & ball to the other hold, then the ball into the hold.

Level/Door 16 Walkthrough: Pull the left light string down, then tap the keypad. You will see fingerprints on the keypad. Pull the light string down again to turn on the regular lights and then enter the code “0246” into the keypad.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 13 through 16 of 100 Doors Seasons. Continue to levels 17 through 20.


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