100 Doors Seasons Part 2 Walkthrough: Levels 67 68 69 70 71

100 Doors Seasons – Part 2 is the sequel to Oriole Games‘ 100 Doors Seasons. Like its predecessor, the main goal is the solve the puzzle to open the doors. Because this is the sequel, it picks up where the first game left off, with level 51. The current seasons are “Holiday”, “Village”, and “Summer.” You can find a walkthrough for each below. You can download 100 Doors Seasons Part 2 for Android devices from the Google Play store.

Level 67 / Door 67 Walkthrough: Pull the rope down (right top side of house). Drag the egg to the left into the hole. Pick up the trumpet and use it on the microphone hanging from the roof. Take the key from the broken egg.

Level 68 / Door 68 Walkthrough: Count the number of butterflies in this color order: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue, purple: 3212322

Level 69 / Door 69 Walkthrough: Drag the wooden panel to the right, then drag the balloon onto it. Tap the button on the barricade to raise it, then tap it again to lower it onto the balloon and pop it.

Level 70 / Door 70 Walkthrough: Drag the following items into the suitcase: plane ticket, camera, sunglasses, flippers, surf board.

Level 71 / Door 71 Walkthrough: Pick up the weights and place them onto the bridge. Life them up and drop them to break the bridge and find the key.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 67 through 71 of 100 Doors Seasons Part 2. 


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