100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough: Levels 86 87 88 89 90

100 Doors Runaway is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge. It is currently available for free on Android devices. In the game you must solve unique puzzles by pinching, poking, shaking, and swiping the on-screen images, to get to the next door. Below is a walkthrough for each floor/door in 100 Doors Runaway.

Level 86 / Door 86 Answer: Pick up the cup and the hand saw. Use the hand saw and drag the top left part of the bars to the right (repeatedly) until it breaks open. When the police show up, quickly use the cup on him. Take his keys and open the door.

Level 87 / Door 87 Answer: Watch the four circles carefully and see what order they spin in and how many times they each spin. Tap them in the same order and same number of times as it was shown.

  • Right = 3 times
  • Top = 2 times
  • Left = 4 times
  • Bottom = 3 times

Level 88 / Door 88 Answer: Pick up the lantern and use it on the barbecue grill. Tap the skewer until the smell goes into the hole in the door. When the hole opens, tap it, and you’ll get the key to open the door.

Level 89 / Door 89 Answer: Using the numbers on the door, show them in roman numerals using the first 4 rows of squares.

  • Row 1 = 2010 = X X X nothing
  • Row 2 = 2011  X X X I
  • Row 3 = 2012 (shown on the clock) = X X X II
  • Row 4 = 2013 (from pattern) = X X X III
  • Row 5 = nothing

Level 90 / Door 90 Answer: Change the direction of the compass by tilting your device in various ways. Make the orange point to the correct direction in the correct order (press SET after each time). The order is litsed from top to bottom on the wall.

  • N = title device upright
  • S = title device upside down
  • E = tilt device right
  • W = tilt device left
  • N = title device upright
  • W = tilt device left
  • E = tilt device right
  • S = title device upside down

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