100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough: Levels 26 27 28 29 30

100 Doors Runaway is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge. It is currently available for free on Android devices. In the game you must solve unique puzzles by pinching, poking, shaking, and swiping the on-screen images, to get to the next door. Below is a walkthrough for each floor/door in 100 Doors Runaway.

Level 26 / Door 26 Answer: Enter the combination “24280” in the keypad. How we solved it: From left to right, count the number of legs the animal in each picture above the door has.

  • Human = 2
  • Deer = 4
  • Bird = 2
  • Spider = 8
  • Snake = 0
  • Combination = “24280”

Level 27 / Door 27 Answer: The circles above the door must be dragged onto the right shelf. The number of rings in each circle determine what shelf it goes on.

  • Two brown rings = Shelf 1
  • Three brown rings = Shelf 2
  • Four brown rings = Shelf 3
  • Five brown rings = Shelf 4 at the top (hint: the second to last ring will be this one. Simply place it on one of the shelves and then place the final ring on the last spot. Go back to where you placed the five brown ring circle and drag it back to the top.)

Level 28 / Door 28 Answer: Tap on the blank white squares to uncover the letters. The goal is to spell “Password” without messing up. If you mess up once, the whole board will erase, but the letters will remain in their place. Simply start the order over again until you get all letters in row.

Level 29 / Door 29 Answer: The silver balls on the door represent the the order of the red buttons that need to be placed.

  • Tilt device down: Press both bottom red buttons
  • Tilt device up: Press both top red buttons
  • Tilt it down again and get it so the right ball goes into the little nook in the right side. Press the top-left red button
  • Slightly tilt the device to get the ball out of the nook (it should now be slightly lower than the ball on the left, allowing you to move it down so it hits the bottom-right red button.

Level 30 / Door 30 Answer: Tap the blade repeatedly so that it picks up speed and starts spinning. While its spinning cut all of the spears. Drag the blade back onto the floor and wait for it to stop spinning (Don’t touch it). Once it is stopped, press the green Open button.

Congratulations! You have completed doors 26 through 30 of 100 Doors Runaway. Continue to doors 31 through 35.





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