100 Doors Runaway Walkthrough: Levels 11 12 13 14 15

100 Doors Runaway is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge. It is currently available for free on Android devices. In the game you must solve unique puzzles by pinching, poking, shaking, and swiping the on-screen images, to get to the next door. Below is a walkthrough for each floor/door in 100 Doors Runaway.

Level 11 / Door 11 Answer: Pick up the blue ball. Put it in the circle on the left. Tilt your device upside down (you’ll see it in the top left), then left, then left again so it falls into the fish bowl and presses the button (Hint: if you hold your device diagonally to the right it will go straight into the top right corner, then just turn your device rightside up and it will fall into the bowl)

Level 12 / Door 12 Answer: Match the items with the related object. For example: Soccer ball goes to the soccer net. Hockey puck goes to the hockey stick. Pick up the following objects and add them to your inventory:

  • Soccer ball
  • Tennis ball
  • Hockey puck
  • Boat
  • Plane
  • Hint: You can only carry three objects at once, so you’ll need to put them in the correct place once you pick them up.

Once you pick up the objects, place them in their correct place:

  • Soccer ball = Soccer net
  • Hockey puck = Hockey stick
  • Tennis ball = Tennis racket
  • Boat = Fish tank
  • Plane = Sky in the window

Level 13 / Door 13 Answer: Tap the pictures in the order of largest object to smallest object. How we solved it: The hint on the door has big box pointing to little box. Press in the following order:

  1. Building (Bottom right)
  2. Plane (Top right)
  3. House (Bottom left)
  4. Chair (Top left)
  5. Soccer ball (Middle left)
  6. Mouse (Middle right)

Level 14 / Door 14 Answer: The clue above the door means you need to tap the numbers that add up to 10. After you tap the correct numbers, you’ll hear a ding noise (meaning you can now press the lever). Once you press the lever it will change the numbers. Again, press the ones that add up to 10. Follow the directions:

  • Press 4 and 6, tap lever
  • Press 8 and 2, tap lever
  • Press 5 3 and 2, tap lever
  • Press 2 2 2 and 4, tap lever

Level 15 / Door 15 Answer: Enter the combination “4257” on the keypad. How we solved it: Pick up the hammer and tap the red button (not the one that says reset). Count how many times you have to hit the red button before the object on the left disappears.

  • Red crystal = 4 times
  • Green crystal = 2 times
  • Blue crystal = 5 times
  • Rainbow crystal = 7 times
  • Combination = 4257

Congratulations! You have completed levels/doors 11 through 15 of 100 Doors Runaway. Continue to doors 16 through 20.




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