100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough: Levels 81-85

100 Doors of Revenge is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and100 Room. It is considered a sequel to 100 Doors 2013 and is played in the same way. Your goal is to solve the puzzles to unlock the door and travel up to the next floor. As of this post there have been 24 Doors released for 100 Doors of Revenge. Below is a walkthrough for each level. For the complete walkthrough of all levels, click here.

Level 81 / Door 81 Answer: Pick up the three hammers (Flat, One point, Two points). Look at the line above the door, each single block represents the hammer you should use on the rock. There’s a flat line, a bump, and a dip.

  • Flat line = use the flat hammer
  • Bump line = use the hammer with two points
  • Dip line = use the hammer with one point

Use the hammers in this order:

  1. Flat
  2. Flat
  3. Two points
  4. Flat
  5. One Point
  6. Flat
  7. Two Points
  8. One Point
  9. Flat
  10. Two Points
  11. One Point
  12. Flat

Level 82 / Door 82 Answer: Follow the pattern on the door. Drag the diamond into the center to turn the heart into an arrow. Starting from the right heart, follow the arrows in the gray circle. Tap the middle arrow button to change its directions. Once the arrow is facing the correct direction, press print. Follow these directions in order:

  1. Drag diamond to middle
  2. Left (print), Left (print), Right (print)
  3. Drag club to middle, tap once to change so the stem is facing right (print)
  4. Drag diamond to middle to get arrow again
  5. Left (print), Right (print), Right (print)
  6. Drag heart to middle, tap it so it’s facing upwards (print)
  7. Drag diamond to middle to get arrow again
  8. Right (print), Left (print), Right (print)
  9. Drag spade to the middle, tap so stem is facing left (print)
  10. Drag diamond to middle to get arrow again
  11. Left (print), Right (print), Right (print)
  12. Drag heart to middle, tap it so it’s upside down (print)

Level 83 / Door 83 Answer: Tap the objects on the right so that the reflection on the right mimics what is on the left. Press the following objects on the right:

  1. Clock (to add the hands)
  2. Box on floor (to add the box on top)
  3. Back of statue (to add the wing)
  4. Books below the clock (to add the black book)
  5. Books next to the hour glass (to add more books)

Level 84 / Door 84 Answer: Very simple. Start from the orange ball that says “Start” and drag your finger to each ball following the road. Do not pick your finger up. Start at bottom left circle (Start), drag up, diagonal right, up, left, down, right (Finish).

Level 85 / Door 85 Answer: Pull the rope up until the box comes out of the well. While holding the rope, tap the box to add it to your inventory. Put the box on the wooden stand next to the door. Tap the box to get the key. Use the key on the door.

Congratulations! You have completed the levels 81 through 85 of 100 Doors of Revenge. Click here for doors 86 through 90.


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