100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough: Levels 76-80

100 Doors of Revenge is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and100 Room. It is considered a sequel to 100 Doors 2013 and is played in the same way. Your goal is to solve the puzzles to unlock the door and travel up to the next floor. As of this post there have been 24 Doors released for 100 Doors of Revenge. Below is a walkthrough for each level. For the complete walkthrough of all levels, click here.

Level 76 / Door 76 Answer: Drag the plant on the left up, revealing the hammer. Pick up the hammer. Select it form your inventory and use it on the rock (had to hit it 4 times). Pick up the key and use it on the door.

Level 77 / Door 77 Answer: Enter the combination “6245891” on the keypad. Pick up a ball and put it on the conveyor belt. When the ball stops, count how many spots are after where it stops. The clue on the door with the Green check is the hint.

  • 1st ball: 6
  • 2nd ball: 2
  • 3rd ball: 4
  • 4th ball: 5
  • 6th ball: 8
  • 7th ball: 9
  • 8th ball: 1
  • Enter the combination “6245891”

Level 78 / Door 78 Answer: Pick up the ball and place it on the start line. Tilt your device right, then left, then back and forth over and over again (following the pattern on the door) until the door opens. The ball has to go all the way to the edge before you tilt it the other way.

Level 79 / Door 79 Answer: Any of the numbers shown above the door can be used as the combination for the door; however, you need to enter the code EXACTLY when it appears above the door. The best way to do it is to type in every number except for the last. Wait until the number appears up top and then press the final digit. Below are all of the numbers that will appear:

  • 02764
  • 13875
  • 24986
  • 35097
  • 46108
  • 57219
  • 68320
  • 79431
  • 80542
  • 91653

Level 80 / Door 80 Answer: Level 80 has not yet been added. Stay tuned for the next update and be sure to check back for a walkthrough.

  1. Jupiter: middle left
  2. Saturn: top right
  3. Neptune: top left
  4. Earth: bottom right
  5. Venus: bottom left
  6. Mars: middle right

Congratulations! You have completed the levels 76 through 80 of 100 Doors of Revenge. Continue to doors 81 through 85.

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