100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough: Levels 51-55

100 Doors of Revenge is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Room. It is considered a sequel to 100 Doors 2013 and is played in the same way. Your goal is to solve the puzzles to unlock the door and travel up to the next floor. As of this post there have been 24 Doors released for 100 Doors of Revenge. Below is a walkthrough for each level.

Level 51 / Door 51 Answer: Change the colors on the door to mimic the floor. Match up the green dots to figure out which square on the ground you should begin with.

  • Row 1: white, black, white
  • Row 2: black, white, black
  • Row 3: white, black, white
  • Row 4: black, white, black

100 Doors of Revenge level 51 answer

Level 52 / Door 52 Answer: Enter the combination “5226” on the keypad. How we solved it: Fill in the blank dominos to get the code. The numbers on the domino depend on what number it is touching. Going from top to bottom: 5, 2, 2, 6.

Level 53 / Door 53 Answer: Pick up the hammer on the left. Use it to break the cracked blacks (left of the red bell and above the button). When you break the walls you’ll get a blue ball and uncover a scale (like a carnival). Slide the bell all the way to the right, place the blue ball on the scale. Use the hammer to hit the button.

Level 54 / Door 54 Answer: Tap the three balls on the floor to add them to your inventory. Underneath the red, green, and blue balls are shapes that match the ones from three balls on the floor.

  1. Tap the ball with the “X” to select it. With one hand, slide the red ball over, and tap the X under it to place the ball.
  2. Tap the ball with the horizontal line to select it. With one hand, slide the green ball over, and tap the horizontal line under it to place the ball.
  3. Tap the ball with the vertical line to select it. With one hand, slide the blue ball over, and tap the vertical line under it to place the ball.

Level 55 / Door 55 Answer: Separate the blue balls to see how many strings connect to each one. Move the balls into the correct spots according to how many orange strings are attached to it. (example: if there are 3 orange lines leading to the blue ball, place that ball in the spot with a 3).

Congratulations! You have completed the levels 51 through 55 of 100 Doors of Revenge. Continue to doors 55 through 60.



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