100 Doors of Revenge Walkthrough: Levels 11-15

100 Doors of Revenge is a new puzzle game from Gipnetix Games, the creators of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Room. It is considered a sequel to 100 Doors 2013 and is played in the same way. Your goal is to solve the puzzles to unlock the door and travel up to the next floor. As of this post there have been 24 Doors released for 100 Doors of Revenge. Below is a walkthrough for each level.

Level 11 / Door 11 Answer: Pick up each stuffed animal from the ground using the claw and drop it into the hole. Tilt your device to move the claw left and right and press on the claw to pick up or drop each animal. When you pick up the last animal, a key will appear. Pick up the key and drop it into the hole.

Level 12 / Door 12 Answer: Drag the silver dots so that the red lines are touching all four blue dots. Put 1 silver dot on the top blue dot, with the red line going down to 1 silver dot on the far bottom blue dot, and finally the red line going right to the last silver dot on the right blue dot.

Level 13 / Door 13 Answer: To unlock the door, the green keys must spell out the word “Key”. To do so, simply tap the left arrows of each row until the symbols can’t be moved any further. When you’re done, it should look like this:

100 Doors of Revenge level 13 answer

Level 14 / Door 14 Answer: Pick up the hammer from the wall and use it to break the cracked concrete stone in the top right corner (the dragon will raise its head). Pick up the bow from the wall and shoot the dragon to open the door.

Level 15 / Door 15 Answer: Blow up the wall to exit. First shake your device to make the detonator fall to the ground. Tap the detonator to pick it up. Tap the “Blow me away” sign to pick up string, and tap the C4 to pick up the explosive. Place the C4 at the bottom center of the wall. Place the wire directly below it, and then attach the detonator to the wire. Tap the detonator to blow the wall open and exit.

Congratulations! You have completed the levels 11 through 15 of 100 Doors of Revenge. Continue to doors 16-20.

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