100 Doors: New Galaxy City Walkthrough: Levels 9 10 11 12

100 Doors: New Galaxy City is a puzzle game for Android devices from MPI Games (100 Doors). Like its predecessor, the goal is to solve the puzzle presented to you so that you can enter the next room. In each room are clues for how you can solve each puzzle, but if you get stumped, just follow our walkthrough below:

Door/Level 9 Answer: Match the correct creatures to the clues.

  • Top left = Ghost rider (black statue with a fire head)
  • Top right = Ghost
  • Bottom left = Mummy
  • Bottom Right = Grey vampire with wings

Door/Level 10 Answer: Quickly pick up the cross, holy water, and book (with the yellow cross) and use all 3 objects on the spirit that’s coming at you.

Door/Level 11 Answer: Keep shaking your device left and right until all of the pieces of the skeleton fall down. Put the skeleton back together again starting with the spine, making sure each place clicks into place.

  • Put the spine slightly to the right of the MIDDLE of the door.
  • Put the pelvic bone at the bottom of the spine.
  • Put the left and right leg onto the bottom left and bottom right of the pelvic bone.
  • Put the rib cage near the top of the spine. Put the left and right arm onto the upper left and upper right side of the rib cage.
  • Put the head on the top of the spine.

After the skeleton is completely put back together again, drag it to the left of the door. Press the skeleton again to open the door.

Door/Level 12 Answer: Tilt your device to the right until you see the stick. Select the stick and press the rectangle stone in the bottom right corner to combine them and create a hammer. Use the hammer to break all of the teeth in the skull.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 9 through 12 of 100 Doors: New Galaxy City. Continue to doors 13 through 16.


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