100 Doors: New Galaxy City Walkthrough: Levels 5 6 7 8

100 Doors: New Galaxy City is a puzzle game for Android devices from MPI Games (100 Doors). Like its predecessor, the goal is to solve the puzzle presented to you so that you can enter the next room. In each room are clues for how you can solve each puzzle, but if you get stumped, just follow our walkthrough below:

Door/Level 5 Answer: Tap the mirror once (white rectangle on the right). Shake your device left and right to make it fall.

Pick it up and put it where the light is shining through on the ground to make the bat disappear. Open the door.

Door/Level 6 Answer: Tilt your device to the left until the left side bars are away from the door. while holding two fingers on both of the left bars, tilt your device to the right so that only the right bars move away from the door. Once the bars are no longer blocking the door, it will open.

Door/Level 7 Answer: Pressing each torch will turn on/off specific torches. The goal is to make all 6 torches light up.

Top left torch = bottom left and middle right
Bottom left torch = top left and middle right
Top right torch = bottom right and middle left
Bottom right torch = top right and middle left
Left middle = Top and bottom left and middle right
Right middle = Top and bottom right and middle left

Press the torches in this order:
Top left, Middle left, Bottom left, Bottom right

Door/Level 8 Answer: Pick up the spider on the left side. Select it from your inventory and use it to connect the dots. The catch is that you can only go over each white line once.

How to solve: The dots are assigned a number (column # and dot #). The columns will go from left to right, while the dot number swill go from top to bottom. For example, 3.4 is the dot on the floor.

Press the dots in the following order:

3.4 –> 5.2 –>4.2 –>3.3 –>3.4 –>1.2 –>2.2 –>3.3 –>3.2 –>4.1 –>4.2 –>2.1 –>2.2 –>4.1 –>5.1 –>3.1 –>3.2 –>2.1 –>1.1 –>3.1

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 5 through 8 of 100 Doors: New Galaxy City. Continue to doors 9 through 12.


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