100 Doors: Floors Escape Levels 21 22 23 24 walkthrough

100 Doors: Floors Escape, like the name suggests, is a room escape puzzle game for Android devices. Developed by “100 Gates,” the goal is to solve the enigmas and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper. Solve the puzzles using the clues along with all of your mobile device’s features to unlock the door: drag, shake, touch, swipe, tap, tilt, etc. Below is a walkthrough for each level in 100 Doors: Floors Escape.

Door/Level 21: Press the shapes in the correct order as shown above the door: Square, Circle, Up Triangle, Down Triangle, Circle, Square.

Door/Level 22: Change the light switches to “On” or “Off”.

Left Column:

  • Red circle = OFF
  • T = ON
  • 0 = OFF
  • Right arrow = OFF

Right column:

  • Green circle = ON
  • T = ON
  • 1 = ON
  • Left arrow = ON

Door/Level 23: Pick up the screw and the screwdriver off the floor. Put the screw into the door button and screw it in with the screwdriver. Press the button.

Door/Level 24: Drag the correct landmark to the corresponding flag.

100 Doors Floors level 24

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 21 through 24 of 100 Doors: Floors Escape. Continue to levels 25 through 28.


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