100 Doors: Floors Escape Levels 17 18 19 20 walkthrough

100 Doors: Floors Escape, like the name suggests, is a room escape puzzle game for Android devices. Developed by “100 Gates,” the goal is to solve the enigmas and open the door to escape from the collapsing skyscraper. Solve the puzzles using the clues along with all of your mobile device’s features to unlock the door: drag, shake, touch, swipe, tap, tilt, etc. Below is a walkthrough for each level in 100 Doors: Floors Escape.

Door/Level 17: Pick up the cloth rag off the floor and swipe up or down on the panel to the right of the door to clean it. Once you can see the hand, press and hold your finger on it until the door opens.

Door/Level 18: Swipe on the screen in the direction that each arrow is pointing. For example, for the left arrow, swipe left (when you do it correctly, the arrow will turn green).

Start from the bottom arrow on the left column and go clockwise (ending at the bottom arrow on the right column). Swipe in the following directions: Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up

Door/Level 19: Look at the colored lines and the numbers on the door. Add or subtract the number on the door with the lines next to it, then change the cubs on the floor to match that number.

Left column:

  • 2 red lines + 2 = 4 (red cubes)
  • 2 blue lilnes – 1 = 1 (blue cube)
  • 1 yellow line + 1 = 2 (yellow cube)

Right column:

  • 2 yellow lines + 2 = 4 (yellow cubes)
  • 3 blue lines + 1 = 4 (blue cubes)
  • 2 lines + 3 = 5 (red cubes)

Door/Level 20: Slide the door to the right and change the colors on the boxes to match the door. Slide the door to the left and change the colors on the boxes to match the door.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 17 through 20 of 100 Doors: Floors Escape. Continue to levels 21 through 24.


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