100 Doors Aliens Space Walkthrough: Levels 6 7 8 9 10

100 Doors: Aliens Space is a puzzle game for Android (and soon iOS) from Gipnetix Games (developers of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge). Considered a “sequel” to their other game, 100 Doors: Alien Space features gameplay similar to their other titles: you solve the puzzle to open the door that leads to the next level.

You will dive into robotic new world with the atmosphere of risk, excitement and pleasure. Enjoy turning gears and great mechanical animations.

Below is a guide/walkthrough for each of the levels in 100 Doors: Alien Space:

Door/Level 6 Answer: Drag the oil can to the left and look at the roman numerals on the right (I, III, V, X). Tap the blue button and press the alien numbers: 1, 3, 5, 1, 0.

Door/Level 7 Answer: Tap the bottom part of the yellow wire (on the right) to connect it. The box will move up. Wait until the box gets stuck on the magnet, then disconnect the wire by tapping it again. Pick up the key and use it on the door.

Door/Level 8 Answer: Tilt your device to make the ball in the glass case move and hit the left and right red buttons. Use the pattern on the door to see which order to press the buttons. Make it press the buttons in the following order: Left, right, right, left, left. Pick up the silver metal

Door/Level 9 Answer: Press the green hand on the door when there are no red lights lit up. There is a pause between the lights in the top left. Take the silver object.

Door/Level 10 Answer: Tap the briefcase at the bottom of the screen (below the number 10). Drag the puzzle pieces into their correct place in the puzzle. If the piece is in the correct spot, it will click in (but you can still move it if you want). It should look like this:

100 Doors Aliens Space level 10

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 6 through 10 of 100 Doors: Alien Space. Continue to levels 11 through 15.


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