100 Doors Aliens Space Walkthrough: Levels 46 47 48 49 50

100 Doors: Aliens Space is a puzzle game for Android (and soon iOS) from Gipnetix Games (developers of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge). Considered a “sequel” to their other game, 100 Doors: Alien Space features gameplay similar to their other titles: you solve the puzzle to open the door that leads to the next level.

You will dive into robotic new world with the atmosphere of risk, excitement and pleasure. Enjoy turning gears and great mechanical animations.

Below is a guide/walkthrough for each of the levels in 100 Doors: Alien Space:

Door/Level 46 Answer: Press the symbols in the order shown below:

100 Doors aliens space level 46

Door/Level 47 Answer: Tap the alien spaceship button to move the spaceship on the ground. It will land on four different squares until it goes back to the striped yellow square on the ground. The squares are numbered in order from left to right, from the top row to the bottom.

The first time the spaceship goes around = X0, Y0, Z0, E0. The second time= X1, Y1, Z1, E1, and so on.

  • X0 = 9, Y0 = 28, Z0 = 6, E0 = 32
  • X1 = 23, Y1 = 13, Z1 = 14, E1 = 16
  • X2 = 6, Y2 = 29, Z2 = 22, E2 = 27
  • X3 = 32, Y3 = 24, Z3 = 3, E3 = 18

Figure out the code: (X0+E3)*(Y2-Z1) = (9+18)*(29-14) = 27*15 = 405.

Press the yellow keypad button and enter “405”.

Door/Level 48 Answer:  Notice the digital clock above the door. You must make the same time appear on the analog clock using the levers on the floor. Tap the colored levers to change the direction they are leaning.

The first set is 13:20:40 so this is what you do: Red (right), Green (right), Blue (straight), Yellow (Left)

  • 2nd set: Red (straight), Green (left), Blue (right), Yellow (right)
  • 3rd set: Red (Straight), Green (straight), Blue (left), Yellow (right)
  • 4th set: Red (straight), Green (left), Blue (left), Yellow (straight)

Door/Level 49 Answer: Tap the circles to move them. Make the lines point in the direction equal to the degree (number) shown on the door. From the beginning:

  • Top left = 90 degrees = 6 taps
  • Middle left = 225 degrees = 5 taps
  • Bottom left = 168 degrees = 7 taps
  • Top right = 80 degrees = 2 taps
  • Middle right = 336 degrees = 28 taps
  • Bottom right = 144 degrees = 2 taps

Door/Level 50 Answer: Press the buttons to follow the pattern on the door. Always start with the button representative of the blue circle. Tap the blue squares in this order:

  • 1st set: Bottom left, Bottom right, Middle right, Middle left, Top left, Top right
  • 2nd set: Middle right, Top right, Top left, Middle left, Bottom left, Bottom right
  • 3rd set: Bottom left, Middle left, Top left, Top right, Middle right, Bottom right
  • 4th set: Bottom left, Middle right, Top left
  • 5th set: Middle right, Top left, Top right, Bottom left
  • 6th set: Bottom right, Bottom left, Middle left, Middle right, Top right, Top left
  • 7th set: Middle right, Middle left
  • 8th set: Bottom right, Middle right, Middle left, Top left
  • 9th set: Middle Left, Top left, Top right, Middle right, Bottom right, Bottom left

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 46 through 50 of 100 Doors: Alien Space. Continue to levels 51 through 55.


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