100 Doors Aliens Space Walkthrough: Levels 41 42 43 44 45

100 Doors: Aliens Space is a puzzle game for Android (and soon iOS) from Gipnetix Games (developers of 100 Doors 2013 and 100 Doors of Revenge). Considered a “sequel” to their other game, 100 Doors: Alien Space features gameplay similar to their other titles: you solve the puzzle to open the door that leads to the next level.

You will dive into robotic new world with the atmosphere of risk, excitement and pleasure. Enjoy turning gears and great mechanical animations.

Below is a guide/walkthrough for each of the levels in 100 Doors: Alien Space:

Door/Level 41 Answer: Press each box so that the number of green dots correspond to the numbers in the box.

Top = Green is at the bottom = 6 green parts
Left = Green is at the top (hidden under the red hexagon shape is a 4) = 4 green parts
Right = Green is on the right = 7 green parts
Bottom = Green is on the left = 10 green parts

Press the hand on the door, so the hexagon will shift. Drag the hexagon on each each boxes numbers.

Door/Level 42 Answer: Shake your device left and right to make the glass fall. Take the green and white objects. First place the green object in the hole located in the upper left corner of the room. Notice the numbers “31897”.

Take the green object out and replace it with the white object. Press the yellow keypad button and place the green object on the projector at the top to see the numbers. Press “31897”.

Door/Level 43 Answer: The clue above the door indicates you need to find two objects tha tmove horizontal and vertical when you press them. The bottom left object (white with the brown circle) moves horizontal, while the object above it (blue screens) moves vertical. The directions indicate you must press the objects in this order: horizontal, vertical, vertical, horizontal, vertical, vertical, horizontal. So in press the objects in this order:

  1. brown circle
  2. blue screen
  3. blue screen
  4. brown circle
  5. blue screen
  6. blue screen
  7. brown circle

Door/Level 44 Answer: First press each of the boxes with a yellow line in it, then count the number of white lines in each.

  • Top left = 14
  • Bottom left = 11
  • Right = 17

Tap the blue circle above the door and enter the code: “17, 14, 11, 17”

Door/Level 45 Answer: Tap each pillar (with the numbers in it) so that they face in the correct direction.

  • 17 = 5 taps
  • 13 = 1 tap
  • 29 = 5 taps
  • 9 = 9 taps
  • 54 = 6 taps
  • 32 = 8 taps

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 41 through 45 of 100 Doors: Alien Space. Continue to levels 46 through 50.


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