100 Doors 4 Free Walkthrough Levels 9 10 11 12

100 Doors 4 Free is a room-escape puzzle game from developer App Games available for Android devices. Like most games of this nature, the goal is the solve the brain-bending stages by searching for hints and using your mind in order to escape from the mysterious rooms. Should you get stuck, simply follow the walkthrough below.

Level 9 / Door 9 Answer: Extinguish the fire to escape.

Level 10 / Door 10 Answer: Cut the base of the tree using the saw. Tap it three times with the saw.

Level 11 / Door 11 Answer: Tap the tiles on the door so that they match the pattern on the ground reflection.

Level 12 / Door 12 Answer: Repeatedly tap the right side of the books to make it fall. Take the door key inside.

Congratulations! You’ve completed levels 9 through 12 of 100 Doors 4 Free. Continue to levels 13 through 16.


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